Basic Training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by shifty18, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I got my dates for basic the other day and im finally off to itc catterick on the 13th Jan. Nearly a year and a half after I walked into the careers office! Im really up for it going to go head first 110%.

    Cheers for all the good advice and information from the infantry forum.

  2. Good Luck and enjoy (when you can)

  3. Im hoping for a Jan intake, got selection next week so could poss see you there bud :)
  4. You will be lucky mate, I got told 10th Feb until somebody dropped out and I was squeezed in! I suppose you never know eh might see you at Catterick a few weeks after I get there!

    Good luck mate.

  5. good luck

    really enjoyed my time at catterick however i dont miss the back area :)