basic training

tomhead69 said:
o and i want to be in a tank crew do i have to do basic training

No you don't. To be a tankie you have to have driven a tank in civvy street. If you've driven a tractor or a bulldozer then you only need to convert to driving a challenger, though if you can prove you drove a bulldozer with a piece of drainpipe sticking out to the front to mimic a 120mm gun then you will be okay.
Basic training is largely optional these days. You can do what I did and ask to be put straight onto Advanced Training (saves time and there are no inspecsions).

Good Luck!


Sadly I suspect he is!


It's a windup. Nobody is THAT thick. Either that or he's a journo trying to see how we'll react.


lol...lmfao... matty they are joking you into next year... Ya got to love these guys tho... nice laugh over a cup of hot matty dear EVERYONE EVEN THE PRINCE HAVE TO DO BASIC TRAINING...


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tomhead69 said:
so if you want to be a tank gunner you dont have do any basic training just learn to drive a tank

Tom don't listen to the nasty people.
You are correct in what you say. At the Tank Training School in Bradford is where it all happens.
Contact you nearest Army Careers Office and ask for the Tank Crew Loader Training CD so you will have a head start on your fellow recruits, this will enable you to get promoted in the first two weeks of your training and if you have sucessfully learned how to drive the tank/bulldozer you will be put in command of the tank which means you have a license to fire the gun in any town.
Good luck.