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Just read his post in the training wing!

Are you on about sacking it Humph?

If so think long and hard!!
humphries said:
Everything is basically f**ked up at home and i think i need to be there, but am in week 14 when i go back.

You think you need to be there or you know you need to be there?

Not interested in what exactly is wrong at home, that's your business, but from what I see here, Youre asking how long you can hand your bedding in for, before it becomes 'impossible'

If you're talking in those terms then it's not that bad. Honestly. It might be uncomfortable to be at home.. I dunno.. Family probs.. Mum, Dad, Girlfriend/Boyfriend probs.. which you think you can alter in some way by being there, but in reality You'd be throwing away a career. Youve passed all the tests to get in, put all that time in getting yourself prepped, done 13 weeks of shite, all to throw it away now?


Stick it out (the shite at home..) apply a temporary patch on it as much as you can from your part in proceedings, then head off back to Camp. Speak to your Troop Corporal, ask his advice, then ask to go on and speak to the Staffie and Troop Commander. They'll all offer decent advice, both with knowing you personally (and your own persona / mentality, etc) and will be able to gauge what you do need to do to sort it out.

Youre over 18, but the score's the same. Sometimes people in Training go home on leave spend time at home, find things wrong, especially at Xmas time. It plays on the mind and you think the world's ended. If (whatever) had happened while you were up to your nuts in shite in the middle of an exercise area, chances are you'd be none the wiser and it'd sort itself out without you worrying.

Do a field repair on the situation, Bug out back to Camp, Get the Chain of command to help.

We'd gladly help, however this is an impersonal internet forum, yeah youve got lads on here in the Corps, but we know you as much as you know us. Feel free to use some of us as a sounding board, but ultimately you need to speak to your training command to help properly.
Spot on advice from Fatbadge.

The army is very pro-active with compassionate stuff nowadays so you will get help. If you chuck away your career then the problem sorts itself out a week down the line you'll be gutted, and if its a bird the problem is about, you're young, there's waaay more fish in the sea.

Good luck fella.


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Spot on advice from fat badge, Humph, PM nightrained he will tell you about Gib Bks from the recruit perspective! (He is always on here instead of being out running!!).

PM me if you get no joy!


Nightrained be nice! No horror stories that are not true!!
humphries said:
It doesnt help knowing am off to Gib barracks on the 21st jan. all i've heard about that place is that its like hell on earth

I'm just finished from Gib. I went there Last Febuary and been through it all.
If you can run it's fine. Get your self an Ipod, and when you're writing your notes up at night from the days lesson so you don't bore to death. Also, they're big on keeping the block clean and inspections, but that's nothing you're not used too.

Nightrained be nice! No horror stories that are not true!!

What? Not even the ones when you get 1 hour sleep on you're final exercise or when you go for a tab you run up and down trig point until the last man is standing? Ahhh yer' no fun. I've eased the running up over the last week for the drinkin season, i'll kick back into tomorrow.
It's not.


Gib Barracks is just another training unit. You'll do exactly the same shit you do now, but with the added bonus of being in and around your fellow Corpsmen. You'll hear many of us go on about the crap that USED to happen at Gib.. the death marches up trig point in the freezing cold.. Lockers going out the windows and all that sort of rubbish.

It doesnt happen now. Yes you'll be treated like a Royal Engineer, but the Instructors' Code of Conduct is still rigorously applied.

Dont panic. Gib is ok. You'll pass out and look back at your time there with glazed eyes, remembering good times, as well as laugh at some of the crap that happened. You probably do some of that already about the training youre doing now.

And.... speak to Nightrained. He's our resident young 'un. :D
No probs. Hang in there. We all have shit days.

Wait til I have one of mine.. Jeez.. you think YOU have shit ones... :lol: :lol:

Chin up mate. Youre an Engineer.
humphries said:
cheers fatbadge, you've put everything into perspective. think am just having a s*** day

Have you been on you're phase 2 visit yet to gib? I remember it, I remember thinking it was a far better place than my phase 1. The burgar bar, the bar, cinima everything my phase 1 didn't have. And of course when you're on lessons, Mic will come around in his van and serve you you're sausage and bacon rolls, i shit you not.


Do not bin it in you will regret it for a long time to come. Like most people have said on here put a patch on it and carry on normal jogging. It is no different to what would happen if you were on tour, you just have to get on with it. There are loads of people on here past and present Royal Engineers and have one thing in common they all past and got on with it. You will too PM me if you have a drama i am always willing to give advice where i can.
Nightrained said:
The burgar bar, the bar, the cinema.
Listed in order of Priorities.Typical Wedgehead.

If it makes you feel any better, I did my phase 2 in Blackdown, I survived. Gib should be a breeze. :D
things will never be that bad fella UNLESS you are streamed to be a "MUD MUPPET" 8O :wink: :D 8O :wink: :D


Alright mate, I'm also a young'un on here and during both parts of my training I have witnessed lads in my platoon/troop wanting to go home due to 'family problems', once they spoke to the permanent staff and there mates most of them decided to stay. They ended up passing off with us with all their family problems sorted out! Like others have said I don't know the extent of your 'problems' nor do I want to know but just think about it wisely!

On a previous note I made "Most of them decided to stay." Off those who didn't, I've spoken to them and they have deeply regretted it! One off them are still 'looking' for work!!!

And on Gib - Stay switched on individually and as a troop and you'll be fine!!!

Enjoy your Pass Off parade.......


gib isnt that bad mate i go back to the lovely place on the 8th aslong as you keep on top of your best book the rest is a breeze well sort of.

You get to go home most weekends if you want to but it's a good laugh to stay and go out with your mates on the piss.

and remember it's only 10 weeks and it goes way quicker than basic for some reason.

Please dont quit you will regret it. I have no choice in the matter i have smashed up my knee and had a full reconstruction and am being kicked out. I am gutted but nothing i can do about it. pick your chin up and watch how proud your family will be at your pass off. Hope everything at home improves for you.

P.S. learn the corps song cos the rsm is a bit of a bugger for it and may stop you at any time to sing it for him. Good morning mr stevens etc etc
northern_monkey733 said:
What is "your best book"?

a book that you do your best work in. :wink: :roll: :wink: :roll:

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