Basic Training

Well , I Begin my basic training on the 05 March 2007.. I can't wait to get there but I was wondering whether anybody could give me a few tips or advice for whilst I'm there.. Also could anyone tell me how low my running time should be once I get there.. I want to arive prepaired..
Thank you..
The lower the better? the better you are at PT the less you will be mocked for being the fat barsteward at the back.

As for what to expect, expect to get dicked around, try not to get noticed for screwing up (doesn't mean you can't make mistakes, just don't get noticed). At times you'll hate it, but when you've finished you'll have enjoyed it.
Well my upper body strength is good.. I am not overweight but my weakness is the running.. I am going to train alot before I get in..
I guess I'm just not sure what to expect..
Little tip, stay off the treadmills and stick to actually running.
expect the unexpected, it makes life so much easier. If you aim for at least a sub 10 minute run, the nearer 9 minutes the better. And make sure its road running as thats better for stamina than treadmill running.

Before I joined up I did a few sub 45 minute 10km (6.25 miles) runs to work on stamina which did make the early running slightly easier till my troop commander led us all off a wall and screwed me leg up a bit.

Unless of course your a para, then its a 7 minute run and an obscene distance run
well I was planning on going to the gym but I guess I will use the beachfront for running instead.. Thanks..
affy said:
well I was planning on going to the gym but I guess I will use the beachfront for running instead.. Thanks..
Nothing wrong with the gym as thats a good CV workout as well as having the weights machines. I often used the treadmills as a kinda warm down the day after some heavy road running as it is a good way to stretch off the muscles as it feels lower impact. If possible try to do at least simalar amounts of distance on treadmill as road running.

My basic practice was along the lines of mile and a half bpfa pace (increasing a little each time) and then finish off the hour (again increasing each time)

When I started basic I had a treadmill BPFA of about 9 minutes, and a road run of about 9:40 (only 3 years ago so I still have good enough memories for the rough area times were in).
You can start the hardcore training by drinking Stella this will help you when you go to your first unit as there is a good chance you may go to Germany,which is the land of cheap beer and fags. If you pass your SDT (Stella drinking test) in under 4 cans in 30 mins you will fly in the army.Dont beast yourself at first however if you can complete your 4 in 30 by the time you get to your unit your dedication to'' squaddiemanship'' will be noted and no doubt you will fast tracked to your ''I am hard as feck when I am pissed with my mates course'' or even put on your ''selection'' for hopper shagging,which is a skill you maintain for life.

In short mate ,the most important thing with all army training is have a few beers when you can, look after your mates, and have a sense of humour.I wont bore you with all of these fitness ideas etc etc , its basic training so you will arrive at the ATR to be trained.Good luck.
If running is your week point, then go running, at least 8 - 10 miles a day. Start to push it out after a couple of weeks, Get the Cardio Vascular working.

Good luck.

Chill out , dont go mad with the Phys , as long as you can keep up and you have a pair of Kahunas you will be fine.Get a mile and a half done in 10 MINS 30 secs and you are laughing.Bang out a few press ups and sit ups each night.Then practise ironing (no joke) fitness is a small part of basic training.You are about to go into the unknown , the guys on here will help you out but also may make you worry more than you have to. Go with the right attitude and you will enjoy it. Dont forget the Stella.
Well the Stella training sounds good.. :)

My strength is fine , I can do the push ups , sit ups and heaves.. I'm just worried about the running , I still have a few months until my enlistment date.. I think I am mentally prepaired..

Since I am doing my training during winter I recon thats just going to add to the pressure... haha
Just finished basic. Buy the best iron you can afford, take zinc oxide tape, and don't panic. They don't expect you to be a fully fledged olympic athlete when you get there. You'll be fine! :O)
Good , good.. I was also wondering what the adventurous training was like?? Do different ATR's do different adventurous training??

Also how many people will I be sharing a room with??
You don't want to be a racing snake when you first start training, that way as you get faster through training, the instructors will think that it's them that got you fit. Remember bullsh*t baffles brains!!
You'll be fine as you are.

dont ask too many questions here, it will spoil the surprise on the day.

Basic Training is full of surprises :D

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