Basic Training

yes thanks why?
If so you will need a grade 1 all over, especially with the new equality rules etc! :D
Do it when you get issued your moustache and military wide load arse!! ( Sign them out at the QM's)
Are there set dates for basic? I dont like being left in the dark, i'd like some idea of when im going. Anyone know? its for AAC
Next 2 weeks i'm sure *sniggers* NOW UNLEASH THEM HAIR CLIPPERS :D
No it is run supposedly every 12 weeks or whenever the instructors are ready no calender! However it is very much like school, just keep calling your corporals sir and miss ( If you are going AAC it will be Miss) you will get on just fine!! But don't end up in detention you will be writing lines!!
Miss_D said:
I'm quite interested actually, do many women get grade 1 haircuts when they join?
Was your Mum a WRAC? Is this some sort of dyke tradition you want to keep in the family.

wind up surely?!!

if not then please steer clear of the armed forces love. you will only get taken advantage of because of your stupidity

........wait a minute

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