basic training???

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Radders_11, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Is anyone starting basic training at lichfield on the 7th august???
  2. um, let me see............................................No
  3. cheers 4 the replies lol but u really must have nothing better to do with your lives
  4. you are right - definition of 'bored' - Montybird sat in front of laptop with large glass of wine randomly flicking through posts and adding pointless replies, whilst constantly checking private messages to see if anyone has sent one to me - how sad, I must get out more!
  5. I start basic may 22 at pirbright
  6. What about Harrogate- Army foundation College September this year
  7. dont forget to get your mums to pack your bags and fold your clothes. Then when you get to basic ask the corporals nicely and they will tuck you up and read you a story at night.

    enjoy your holiday.. i mean basic.

  8. On the conturary im sure i will its far better than being a student til your 18 I could not hack that!!!

  9. good i'm waiting for you! :twisted:
  10. why? who are you? one of the sec commanders?
  11. He's the daddy of B-Wing.
  12. Edited to remove my extreme mong post.