Basic Training

Can anyone tell me something about basic training, especially with respect to the locations.

It looks like Strensall camp is the place that I might be going to but wondered if I could get the same thing at somewhere else like Lichfield?

Anyone know what the difference is (other than location)? This is the first part of my road that will take me longer than doing the PQO in four weeks (think it will run out to seven or eight weeks by the time I'm done which is interesting in the light of backdoors and TA better/worse than Regulars discussions).

Thought we were one army and all brought a variety of personalities and skills which made up a very good, professional and effective 'whole'.

Any help with this, publish or pm would be most appreciated,



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Are you joining regular or TA? either way, it should not make any real difference where you do your training, it is all supposed to be on the same syllabus...Just TA is a lot shorter in terms of hours etc...
Joined as a TA. Just wondered if they were all the same as this is a pre-PQO requirement and wasn't sure if they offered different courses for such circumstances.

Think this is a one week course but might well be wrong (which will make it nine weeks by the time I'm completed TACC and everything),


If they are all the same I would hit Strensall. They're pretty switched on for officer trg, the Lichfield loc in particular is more suited to Toms. It depends on what the PQO course requires. Additionally I've had better feedback from people hitting Strensall than the other ATR locations. Saying that you may well be able to do a PQO basic course with another brigade RTC or such like, if there is any thing that better suits your dates.

I'll ask around and see if I can find out what the score is.
Thanks for comments TAS. I assumed that there were reasons for Strensall rather than others nearer to home,


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