Basic training

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GB1991, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. I heard of a friend who is currently in basic training at the moment that the corporals and nco ect can't get in your face anymore and give you verbal right up close . Also heard that there not allowed to trash locker no more if incorrect. Why is this . Cheers .

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  2. And the moon is made of blue cheese
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  3. It teaches mongs not to fuck off for lunch and leave their lockers unlocked, this is known as attention to detail.

    So yes it does achieve something.
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  4. Every troop staff are different.
  5. It is true, because the powers that be have decided that we don't need a ferocious Army any longer, and instead settled for a bunch of faggots who are permenantly downgraded and bitch about every little bit of work they have to do. The British Army is dead, long live the Chav Army! Hurrah.... Where is the mess Webley?
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  6. "Is".
  7. Nope *are*, i just forgot to put troop's instead of troop.
  8. Staff refers to a body of men in the singular - so it is indeed "is".

  9. If you say so.
  10. I don't say so it is so.
  11. Like i said, if you say so.