Basic training

Hey I've done ADSC so next stop basic, my pre-training basic consisted of two 30 - 40 mins of fartlek a week 2 sessions of 4 - 5 miles with hills at a moderate to fast pace and 1 long session of about 8 miles a week. This got me 9:45 but I'm wondering should I switch it up a bit now and start running more distance like 10 miles for the long, maybe drop off a fartlek session completely so I don't over do myself ? Maybe up the 4 - 5 milers to 6 - 7 ? Just with basic it will be longer runs. Also can anyone give me ideas of timings I should aim for? Thank you in advance.
I wouldn't bother pushing yourself too much - you'll only injure yourself before you ever see the front gates of wherever you go for basic these days.

The PT at basic will prepare you for your physical tests and as you're already above the standard required I wouldn't worry too much about trying to turn yourself into Haile Gabreselassie before you get there.
So say drop a fartlek and both 4-5 milers and just keep it at 3 runs a week? Cheers for the advice it's appreciated.
Personally I didn't really bother at all before I joined up, just do whatever you feel comfortable doing. I'm not a PTI so I couldn't tell you what's best for you.
Makes sense, thank you for your advice well and truly taken on board.

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