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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Neil88, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I am leaving to goto Pirbright on the 1st of August. I just wandered what type of things I should expect over the next few months? What will be expected of me? Also, Do many people fail and therefore are unable to continue after or is there a pretty high pass rate?


    Oh and if anyone has been to Pirbright, what is it like?
  2. Look forward to blisters and beastings!!
  3. Beastings?
  4. Expect to be ...

    Shouted at
    Force fed
    And quite a few other things besides. As regard to passing, thats entirely up to you, it's not a college course remember, but the start of the biggest challenge of your life so far.
  5. Yeah, I kind of expected all of that, but obviously its worth it in the end. Is there anything you would reccomend I could do to both mentaly and physicaly prepare myself for it in the last couple of weeks I have?
  6. Mentally? Dunno. Try sitting in an ice cold stream at 2am fully clothed with 80lbs on your back and have someone shout at you? Physically, get up and run from the stream. As I said earlier it's all down to you and how much you can take. Being in the army is just as much about mental attitude as physical ability (especially in training), and so long as you keep your mouth shut, eyes and ears open and sense of humour intact you will be fine. Also check yourself for any 'it's not fair...' type of inner thoughts they tend to be quite self defeating.
  7. Make sure you have a decent send off too. It'll be along time (or so it will seem) before you can do that again.
  8. Yeah cheers, think I'm quite mentally strong and understand that I'm gonna have to shut up and listen and just get on with things, saw a few people who couldnt accept that at the selection thing. Because of their attitude they wasnt offered the job. BUt would it help for me to start doing quite intensive physical training now? Or will they sort that out for me when I get there. (I'm not exactlyunfit at the moment)
  9. There is no harm in doing some low level phys now such as running a few miles a day, but don't knacker yourself before starting training through injury. Remember that everyone does exactly the same training and you will all reach a certain level of fitness together. Remeber to keep your chin up because (and trust me on this) the things you do in training are nothing compared to the challenges of being a serving soldier, you may thionk you are tired, cold, hot mad hungry during basic, but you will most definitely be in worse situations on operations.
  10. You can NEVER be too fit. If you have time, get going on the running, swimming, etc. Add some weight training to your training regime. Most important, however, is your mental attitude. Look at the guys in the Para's, the SAS, the US Delta Force, etc. They aren't some muscle bound morons. They are in excellent shape; both mentally and physically. Your MIND is your most important asset. Its also your most important weapon. Use it to your full advantage.

    Shut the fcuk up. Listen to what is going on and be the "grey man." During any training evolution, do YOUR best to be, just that, THE BEST. Never be last, never be first, and NEVER volunteer for anything.
  11. Didn't quite get that bit about never be first and never volunteer. Not to sound stupid or anything, but why not?

  12. Volunteer as soon as volunteers are asked for and you will soon find out why!
  13. It sounds like someone has emptied the shelf of the Andy McNab section in Waterstones. As for volunteering sometime the really nice jobs\perks\duties are asked for this way. Dirty grotty jobs are usually just dumped on you. As the previous poster said you can never be too fit, but then again you can be to injured to start and complete training. Just take it easy for the next two weeks, get some light running in or some hill walking if you are fortunate enough to live near some decent fells or mountains and enjoy your current freedoms before they go. And trust me, that WILL be a shock to you.
  14. Thanks for all the help guys, will keep all the advice in mind and try my best. Just another quick question, dont have a place in my house to do pull ups and at RSC i was pretty bad at them. What other excercises could i do to work the same muscles out and generally get my upper body strength up?

  15. Funny that as all the best swans and freebies I ever got whilst in were on account of me volunteering for something.

    Of course on the flip side some of the most boring/hazardous jobs were got by someone volunteering me for them.