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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gooner1988, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Two of my mates have just got into the RAF Regiment. Apparently the basic training for RAF Reg and Marines has been extended from 28 weeks to 32. Seeing as there's so many people signing up they can extend the basic training.

    How long is basic training for the Army? I know it's not as long as the Marines or RAF Reg. Has it been extended like them two though?
  2. the armys basic training is still 26 weeks as far as im aware of... 8O
  3. 26 weeks? Sweet as. Some muppet told me the other day the Army only gets 14 weeks training and then their off to Afghan. I thought that was bollocks!
  4. lol what a twat he/she is for telling you that, but yeah i am certain that the army is 26 weeks unless its guards or paras, in that case for them its 28 weeks... the person is right though phase one is 14 weeks then its onto phase 2 trade training
  5. Well whatever "muppet" told you was correct to a certain degree. All soldiers do 14 weeks basic and then go on to phase two training. In my case (REME), 14 weeks at Pirbright and then 6 months at SEME.
  6. Ah, that makes more sense. Cheers for the info
  7. Very well informed aren't you - old sweat :roll:
  8. Do they not tell you this sort of stuff when you go to the careers office? Or do I detect a wah
  9. Ain't been yet mate. Im off to Oz for 8 months, so figured i'd do all that when I get back. Thought i'd rather waste all your time from the comfort of my own desk
Thread Status:
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