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Discussion in 'RLC' started by the_butler, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. One of the people in my class has a place in the RLC as a Driver.
    I was asked where they would be sent to for training as the information he has is a bit vague.
    I was wondering if one of the well informed members could help me out with the answer as I am way out of the loop these days.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Most likely Pirbright (Surrey) for Phase 1 then off to Deepcut (a couple of miles away) and Leconfield (Yorkshire) for Phase 2.
  3. My son did his phase 1 at Pirbright and is now doing phase 2 at Leconfield.
  4. Thank you much appreciated
  5. Pirbright then DST Leconfield for Driver trade.

    No requirement to go via Deepcut
  6. Yes, the Deepcut leg has been removed for a wide range of trades and soldiers now move directly to the Phase 2 training site. This has reduced the time in the training machine and will hopefully improve morale. In addition all phase 1 RLC soldiers now get a provisional assignment order while they are at Harrogate, Winchester or Pirbright to allow the soldier to look forward beyond their training and to start to identfiy with their first posting. Initial reports from the soldiers under training is that these changes are both welcome and successful.
  7. Yes, but how about telling the Unit that he\she is posted to then. Time and time again soldiers arrive at my office saying "Excuse me, i have just been posted in"!!!
    My morale dips a bit when we have to sort out admin of new lads when they suddenly turn up with no notice.
  8. The unit are informed before the soldier. If the unit chose not to do anything with the information - that is their problem.
  9. Of course MCM Div do....never mess up( :roll: ). So your saying that within weeks of Phase 1, the Unit gets a provisional assignment order for the Soldier at the same time? Or does the Unit get a confirmed one after completion of Trade training?
  10. Both, an e-mail to the unit listing all soldiers in a platoon under training and their intended assignments and then when the soldier has passed his basic (ph1 and 2) training, the formal assignment order is issued.
  11. Ok, ill take your word for it that us what happens, and its just my RCMO's Office that does not forward these assignment orders on. Its just that 99% of the time in my Unit it doesnt happen and we get the Soldier knocking on my door saying what i quoted above.
    Anyway, pity anyone new posted into our Unit, in next 7 months...."Rear Party for you son!"

  12. How do you say that in Nepalese?
  13. Dont need to, just point to the Guardroom!! :wink:
  14. im guessing he's in green dragon(a pub in beverley)every saturday night then
  15. nothing quite like a weekend in beverley, a skinful and a scrap with the civvies in the push.