Basic Training

Hi, at the moment im doing a lot of gym work and running to train for the Army and am using the Maximuscle Promax Protein Drinks just to feed my muscles and provide my body with as much protein as it needs.

Are you allowed to use Promax in Basic Training or is it only after that you would beable to start using this?

Hi Bexey,

Glad to hear you're training for basic. One thing I'd advise against is over-training, not that I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs, make sure to give yourself a rest day every now and then.

With regards to your question about protein shakes, yes you can use them during basic. However, during PT lessons you'll be expected/made to carry water, and afterwards you are not likely to have the time to be able to mix up a shake and get it down you.

If you did want to drink a shake, I'd advise you to have it at lunch (unless you've got PT immediately afterwards), as you'll have time for it to 'settle in'.

Best of luck with your training!


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