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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jenkz, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. does anyone know if i would have to do basic training if i join the regulars having served two years with the ta
  2. Short answer - yes.

    Long answer - Why would you think you were exempt having done a couple of weekends?
  3. short answer-dont mind at all doing the basic training

    long answer-who in their right mind would do something they have already done for twelve weeks if they didnt have to
  4. Go to the recruit office and explain what you have done and they will find out wha you have to you. You may have 4-5 weeks shaved off basic reg trainin as you will already know wha is done in that perioid.... u know..
    LOAD.... MAKE READY... UNLOAD.. MAKE SAFE... and fitness..that borin you will need to do basic, but join later in the cadre.
  5. thanks mate
    will do first thing tomorrow
  6. It's heard of that people who've been mobilised are sometimes being offered a place with the unit they served with and being able to skip various bits of the training-I guess it depends how much experience you've got, bloke I know that has had the offer had been in TA inf and RA for years, done CIC and was out playing in Afghanistan.. I'm not sure how it works, you could end up on a kind of permenant FTRS engagement.
  7. yes but hearing that the maximum ftrs stint is 48 months,would then have to return to civvy street or get another ftrs with a completely different unit
  8. If you do FTRS .. then u go straight in2 ure reg battlation... that is a good idea.. PWRR is a great place to go.. veryyyy good lads in both battalions.. i have been thinkin of doin it!