Basic Training - Weeknd 2 (Strensall) Info

Afternoon all,

Just completed weekend 2 of the basic at Strensall, figured I would share (briefly) what we did etc as I know many would like to know what to expect, I did!

unpack etc and brief in your group with block corporal


up for breakfast around 6.15am back to barracks for quick room inspection and out around 7.30-8am for opening welcome speech. First drill lesson around 9am. some lessons on security (i.e. what is a terrorist!?) and pay. Intro to PT which was about a hour and basically concluded don't run with gym equipment lol. In the afternoon we started SAA (skills at arms) which started with the introduction to the SA80 and its main component parts along with how to hold and check the weapon. We then had a good hour or so on Webbing and how to adjust it etc to your body. then off to a lesson on army ranks (which was only 10mins!).

we got finished around 8ish and down to the pub!


up again for around 6:10am for breakfast then back to complete block jobs (cleaning the bogs for us!) then final room inspections. we then went out for 2nd lesson on drill and onto SAA lesson 2, which was stripping the SA80 and putting back together (very fun!) we then had out RRR (risk reduced run) basically 1.5miles best effort to set your benchmark along with best effort sit ups and pressups, again to set a benchmark. it was then final parade around 2pm.

I apologise on the given times as i didnt have my watch on :oops: so its approximate.

If anyone was on the same weekend and think I missed some elements feel free to add.

Any questions, ask!

Dave558 said:
Lucky you lot get to go to Strensall now, Deverell Barracks was a shi*hole.
Strensall isnt too bad, we did had trouble with the heating in our room first night. it was f*cking freeeeezing! then all of a sudden by magic it came on sat lol.
After a month at Deverell I can say it's truly awful.

P.S. Best remember your watch next time ;)
Homunculus said:
After a month at Deverell I can say it's truly awful.

P.S. Best remember your watch next time ;)
haha I have! already packed it away in preparation! so next time I can give a full breakdown with times haha!

I always measure trg areas/camps by the nearest pub. Ripon, The White Horse (70s pub without being retro).
Strensall, The Six Bells, the only bar that sells Adolph Hitler larger.
Ripon isn't too bad in terms of pubs however the pitiful excuse for a nightclub The Matrix is one of the worst I've been to...anywhere with a revolving dancefloor should have been closed at the end of the 80s.

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