Basic training - total isolation?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, May 11, 2008.

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  1. hey guys, this is something i wanted to know but havent asked yeah how much are you isolated from the outside world during basic training?
    the reason i ask is because i dont know if i can last 14 weeks witout knowing whats going on with my beloved Newcastle United :D
  2. Accommodation is provided for a parent or guardian if required.
  3. I'm sure you'll receive some kind of inkling as to which long haired overpaid and overpriced Spaniard they have signed
  4. most ATRs are on the moon and comms is hard but not impossable! 8O

    is football your only worry :lol: :lol: :lol: it will be replaced soon
  6. Has this warm weather brought all the dribblers out of hiding. Instead of spouting utter sh!te go and lick some windows clean.

  7. Haha, After todays performance I'm surprised you actually want to know them :p Why not support a better team, Sunderland ;) We may of lost today but it was only by 1 goal not 2 ;) lol
  8. ZXR, you'd better stop sitting on that fence.

    It's true though. Where have they all come from? Has ARRSE turned into the internet equivalent of a recruiting office?
  9. You tw@t! I'm no dribbler mate, I like to think I have made some decent contributions to this forum, and it isn't such an absurd question is it?
    So get off your high horse and answer my question :p

    edit: bad grammer :roll:
  10. Oh dear, I can see all this going horribly, horribly wrong.

  11. Youre locked in a freezer for the first 8 weeks. After that, you are placed in a 3'x3' room with nothing more than a small potted plant to keep you company.

    A question to the viewers.

    How stupid are the people we are letting into the Army nowadays? Have they all arrived from a small planet millions of miles away and do they not have the power of speech or common sense when actually joining in the first place?
  12. ok for those of you whos heads' are up your arrse holes (a select few), i'm asking how much contact you get with the outside world.
    aukward people like the_lord_flashheart who have 1000+ posts so think they can be arrogant pr!cks can fu(k off if they haven't got any useful input to make!
  13. I can't understand where all the stupid questions are coming from. Back when I was going through the motions before joining the recruiting staff at the local office told me everything I needed to know. I figured if they had not mentioned it then it wasn't worth knowing to be honest. Funnily enough I was right.

  14. Ignore the post count, shitlips. I base my remark on over 23 years serving the Colours.

    I'll give you useful input when you ask a sensible question.

    Army training nowadays is the same as going to school except the blazer is ginger coloured. From what I've seen, you are able to do what the feck you like so as not to 'damage' the little darlings feelings.
  15. Yes mate I am indeed a tw@t, but you are a throbber of the highest order, basic training is indeed basic but not prehistoric. If you ask the NCO's nicely they may even let you use the telephone to phone home for the results, although I would save my pennies.