Basic Training Tips?

Hey, I’m going AFC Harrogate in September; I was wondering does anybody have some key tips on basic training the things they don't really tell you?
Tips on day to day life? (Making it easier for yourself and mates)
But I understand training Isn’t meant to be easy

Just go and do your best mate.
Yeah but i keep hearing things like always lock your stuff because it'll get stolen ,obviously im not gunna leaving my collection of gold bars laying around haha but like if something is stolen what do you do about it?
Call all your training screws "mate" or "bezzer"

Being familiar with your superiors shows grit, and the ability to make friends quickly.
what im trying to ask really is does the rule of the streets 'don't grass' apply ? if it gets to that point that is.

Edited: It seems at vicious circle to me scrap, intimidate or whatever to resolve the issue and risk gettign beasted or kicked out or go to your Plt Sgt and look like a sissy crying to your mum?
just keep ur head down and ur mouth shut for a while until u figure the place out for urself. invest in a good iron, a few decent locks and beware of people tryin to scam money out of u. and keep a sense of humour cos trust me, there will be times when its shit and if u dont have the ability to just laugh it off with ur mates then ur screwed. good luck!
That was my plan anyway 'grey man' it out for while learn who i can trust
Rule one of fight club always use the search function, if that fails you are too thick for basic give up now
Just go with a good attitude and dont over analyse things, keep it simple.
changing the subject abit ironing boards ? i have read everyone in the room pitchs in for a shared board ?

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