Basic training - The best and worst bits?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by DanJJardim, Jun 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I start basic on July 7th (which if you have read any other of my posts will know I am very excited about! :D ).

    Was just wondering what everyones best bits and worst things were abouth the whole 14 weeks?


  2. Worst Bits:
    * Living with people who have never been 100yds away from mommy before and cant hack the excitment.
    * Having to go to boring presentations about banks, insurance and equal opportunities shit.
    * Getting loads of useless mongy (mostly RLC) recruits backsquadded into your troop all the time who **** up the drill badly and get you all in trouble cos they cant do ANYTHING right.
    * Being a lowly crow.
    * Realising that theres a lot of freaks losers and people who got bullied at school in your troop.

    Best Bits:
    *Excercise 3.
    *March and shoot.
    *First CBRN session in the chamber.
    *Rifle drill.
    *Shooting in general.
    * TABS and the CFT.
    *The assualt course!
    * Bayonet training! Hard work but ace.
  3. I found the mongs getting backsquadded (other than for injury) to us gave me confidence that it was all going quite well. Short of a head injury you just couldn't be that bad.

    Bayonet training and the whole day that lead up to it (you'll see!) was hard but fantastic and built a real sense everyone being in it together.

    If you're half way switched on look forward to being given a "mong" to look after as your battle buddy on ex. I wanted to be the mong and get looked after!!!

    The last ex "final fling" is great fun and the chance to do a "proper" attack after all the training makes it worth while.

    Worst thing is lack of time and and allways seemingly being given five minutes less to do something than it actually takes.

    Aside from that its one of those things that you enjoy once you've finished.

    Best of luck.
  4. Forgot to add. Don't listen to the other recruits who are ahead of you in training. They'll all tell you about the hell ahead which in my experience turned out to be total sh*te. They were either winding you up or had had a hard time because they weren't doing as they were told. Ignore them and make your own mind up.
  5. Bayonet training was a right laugh hard as feck but it was worth it when my mate decided to stab himself throught foot on the first ground dummy. in the top out the bottom and he carried on right through till the end, then noticed a shite load of blood pi**sing out of his boot oh how we laughed until trp sgt di*ked me and my oppo to stretcher run him the mile to the med centre. I then accompanied him to the civvie ae department in swet cacked uniform stinking like i just crawled out my own ass. Nurses thought it was great though and started shouting all round the deartment "we got a bayonet wound here" so my mate had the embarassment of all the staff coming to have a look and half the patients.

    Inspections were a bit of a pain but aslong as the whole trp pitch in you can get it all done and grip those jack c*nts that are lazy when it comes to block jobs.

    PT is hard work but it's worth it. Alot of people follow the mentality of skive to survive but the pti's are wise to this so always give 110% or the whole trp suffers.

    Exercises are the mutts nuts great fun hard work again but it's the army not the boy scouts.

    Adventurous training what a laugh chance to relax and have some fun.

    last but not least passing out parade possibly the proudest day of your life getting to dress in no'2 smart as feck and show off to all your family and friends and perv on all your mates sisters and girlfriends and the odd mother better in the middle of summer like mine was.

    oh and drill seems that everyone is a bunch uncoordinated mongos at first but most get the hang of it after a couple of weeks bit tedious but has to be done.

    Bad bits looking back i loved every minute of it but i'm sure there were times when i thought why the feck did i sign that bit of paper and take that oath but now wouldnt change it for the world.
  6. Worst bit: When everyone else in my room gangraped me in the shower.
    Best bit: When it was the bloke in the bed next to me's turn.
  7. Jammy fecker i had the old broom handle stuffed up my ricker
  8. Going back 20 years now (20 years?!!), the best bit for me was switching from Basic to advanced infantry training. We started getting treated a bit more like we were worth something - less of the "pass another one, this one's gone all squashy".

    Worst bit was The Slump. Most folk seem to get one, when your body has been thrashed to bits and hasn't quite adapted yet. Everything seems an enormous effort, paricularly mental tasks like attention to detail. Thankfully it lasts only a few days and you don't all get them at once, so your mates rally round and pull you along until you've snapped out of it and can do the same for the next lad.

    I got the broom-handle as well. Too many KOSB on that course, I guess.
  9. The best bit is when you've finished basic training and you are now truly part of the best Tribe of people in the world. Tribe British Army.

    You are no longer a piece of civilian sh*t, nor a nonce in the RAF or RN :WINK:
  10. Worst bit: The beginning.

    Best bit: The end.
  11. Best bit.......passing out parade in front of friends and family (Mine was more years ago than I care to mention.), a feeling that will never be replicated at any other point in your life...........walking tall because you've achieved something that many wont.

    Worst bit....watching fellow recruits getting dry bummed by the pissed up 'old school' Trg Cpls on a weekend! :lol: Mine was in a purely voyeuristic role, watching it take place from the safety of my locker.
  12. worst bit - looking back and wishing you could do it all over again with the same lads!
  13. Worst bits - First week is the worst part boring as hell! Then its the presentations you have to sit through, your love powerpoint by the second week..... Meeting the up most cnuts in your troop and wondering how the recruiter let them get this far.

    Best bits - Learning the first of many rifle training. Meeting alot of new people who you can get on with. Seeing the funny side of the Army and when the Cpl's and Bder's get involved it just gets even more funnier my bder had my tearing up on some room inspection.

    Worst parts for me were the first week it just gives you to much time to think. Getting injured early on and not being able to do what the rest of the troop were doing and slipping back into the frame of mind of the first week and asking to go/being told not fit. Regret it now as my troop will pass out on the 27th but the way my legs are i think i would still be in sword.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The worst bits had to be learning about bumpering by hand, going on RSMs drill parade 3 hours after getting in from term 2 defense ex (5 days of rain and clay on area P). The best bit had to be passing out parade after 42 weeks of being shouted at by jocks and tick tocks to realise that it was now for real, 27 years ago!
  15. Okay, only 6 weeks in but nearly half way (long weekend in 5 days time), here is the best and worst so far.


    Finally realising the whole troop can do Drill in time for Drill Test 1
    First Day on the ranges using live rounds
    Every day on the ranges (If you are not firing you are being paid to sun bathe)
    Realsing that all the hard work in PT really does pay off when you knock 2 mins off your 1.5 time
    Exercise 1, getting out in the field for the first time (apart from getting beasted on the way back)


    Finally realising that concrete hill wasn't that little road up the side of the ranges.
    Being introduced to 10 second hill, heartbreak hill and the 7 sisters.
    Being forced to mark time for 45 mins during the RSM's inspection because 1 jack cnut had hidden all his shite in a laundry bin.
    Having the run the 4.5 miles back from Ex 1 because 1 tw*t had called the Troop CO a barsteward with full kit, webbing and rifle. God dang that was hard.

    Apart from that it is all good and looking forward to the next 8 weeks of obstacle course, adv training, ex 2 and 3 and onto Phase 2.