Basic Training Tests!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kyleavfc, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. i was just wondering what the physical tests we have to complete when we get to AFC harrogate were?

    and what the consequences were if we fail them?
    would we get kicked out!?
    or just have extra PT?

    i was told i passed ADSC easily but any help would take a load off my mind

  2. You've already proved you're fit enough by passing ADSC , so if you passed ADSC fairly easily, and have continued to at least maintain your fitness, then you shouldn't have any problems passing any physical tests during the first week of basic. I think the tests during the first week are more of an evaluation of your current fitness than a pass/fail, though if someone performed badly enough, it may warrant deferral or remedial training.

    I very much doubt you'll be kicked out or sent home having got this far.

    Though, tbh I've yet to start basic myself, so everything I've just said could be utter bull.
  3. You'll probably do a BFT (the 1.5 mile run) in the first couple of weeks. That will then go down as your benchmark time, to improve on over your time at Harrogate.

    I don't know whether you do a CFT (6 or 8 miles in 1hr 30 or 2 hrs respectively with weight) as well, again to give you a start point to improve on.

    Those are the standard physical assessments used in the Army and what are tested at Pirbright, so Harrogate shouldn't be any different.
  4. So you are still expected to improve if you have an 8 minute bft time? that must be hard work.
  5. The hard work is what they are after, show best effort rather than easing off and doing a comfortable pass.
  6. You start off walking in boots.

    Then walking with webbing (no weight).

    Then walk/run with webbing.

    Walk/run with a little weight etc,etc.

    You finish with a 6 mile CFT in 90 mins carring weight appropriate to your cap badge.
  7. Well there you go.

    And the challenge 5.56mm, if you had an 8 minute BFT time, would be to maintain it at that level during your time at Harrogate...
  8. Time will tell, although I am going to Winchester not Harrogate.
  9. It's the same test, although at Winchester you will have less time to "lose" fitness if you are, for arguments sake, 30% fitter than the rest of your Troop/Platoon.
  10. this news has pleased me, thanks
    i was under the impression that if you didnt achieve the correct results it would be back home for me
    now im pretty confident, my fitness is still in an alright state

    dont you have to do the jerry can carry or anythign again though?
    or press-ups or sit-ups?