Basic training - stuff to buy?

I hear you get a big list of stuff you must buy before you start basic training, i start in 3 months and i am told it wont be a while yet untill i get my letters n stuff through the door, i wanted a headstart on buying things, can anyone tell me the type of stuff i need and therefore i can buy basic things now, thanks.


backblast said:
Black Boot Polish and a Good Steam Iron...

Shaving foam&Blades, shower gel etc..

Oh and as most depots are like butlins your tv, Duvet, Stereo,etc


This is an example, it does change for each training location, you can get the basics in now but wait for the new list for most of it.


National Health Service Card
National Insurance Card
Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
Birth certificate
Birth Certificate of children (if applicable)
Any legal orders relating to divorce, custody, change of names.
Driving licence (if held)
Bank Account details. You should open a bank account before reporting. Note that the account must have a sorting code.
Educational qualification certificates
4 up to date passport size photographs of yourself

You MUST bring the above documentation with you.


A pair of trousers
A pair of shoes
A shirt and tie
A jacket/coat
Several pairs of underwear (at least 7)
Several pairs of socks (at least 7)
A pair of training shoes
A pair of swimming trunks
Large towels (at least 2)

Additionally for females:
Sports brassieres
Hosiery without seams. The approved shades is Natural Tan.


Soap and soap dish
Shaving Gel/foam
Razor, detachable heads, packs of 5. Not disposable
Tooth Brush and tooth paste.
Large towel
Flip flops
Nail clippers
Cotton buds
Foot powder/cream for athletes foot
Shower gel
Washing powder
Nail brush


A cheap dark coloured watch
A housewife containing needle and thread (dark
Alarm clock
Letter writing paper, envelopes and stamps.
Hand washing powder.
Personal possessions — photos of family, small radio/tape/CD player
Sewing Kit

You may not be able to bring all the items noted under ‘Other Equipment’. You will have the opportunity to purchase them at ATR, if you wish to do so.


does it matter what razor blade you take, i am sure i read somewhere you need to have one of them old style ones that accept any blade what about things like a gillette fusion blade can you take them?
On my kit list it says you have to have lace up black shoes?

Do they have to be lace up...? I dont want to spend money when I dont actually need new shoes...


War Hero
Any razor is fine.

Also buy a couple of pairs of twisties (the things that hold your trousers above your boots). Ask for them in any Army Surplus store.

Good Luck!


And don't forget the porn, As it will be a while before you get any action lol


Rogue_Entity said:
On my kit list it says you have to have lace up black shoes?

Do they have to be lace up...? I dont want to spend money when I dont actually need new shoes...
Why what are they,cheeky white slip on's with a gold bar across the front ?...
Blues_Cav said:
A housewife containing needle and thread (dark)

Try to get one of these from Thailand... but teach her to bull boots BEFORE you start.

Most important though. Bring:
A sense of humour
The ability to realise it's just a game
The will to win.

and you'll be truckin

Good luck,- C

Oh, and at least 20 things from my shop.
Very helpful there guys, some good posts, whish i could give rep but I dont know how to. Anything else you guys can think of give me a holler, do I need a knife? something like a swiss army knife 5 inch blade i heard?
Get a double socket adapter so when everyone else is hogging the one plug socket in the room to do their ironing you can still do yours. Nail clippers are always handy as certainly when I went through basic a few years ago, we had our nails checked reguarly before PT. Take a very cheap watch too and dont wear it until someone says you are allowed to wear a watch. Also another top tip, learn your regi number before you go.

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