Basic Training ,sports underwear.?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Chris1994, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. I got a little advice to maybe invest in some sports underwear aka to stop chafing but was also told to ask around to seek more advice on the subject so are they worth investing in? any good brands or places to buy? and is it worth it?

    (were talking boxers, im a guy)

  2. underarmor do some good stuff, you should be able to pick it up cheaply on the backend of the summer sale, you will need it if you dont have legs like twigs, fat mans rub can be a killer!
  3. Some of the discount sports chains do brand-names for much cheapness. Can't remember which one I got my Nike ones from but it was three pairs for a tenner. Top gear in my opinion, no chafing at all and regret not buying them years ago. Core compression from memory.

    Only drawback is that they're white, which is fine once you're amongst friends but after a cheeky phys session can be in quite an alarming state when you peel them off.....

    Top tip: get black ones or run the risk of getting called "Skidders" for the rest of your career.
  4. I think ill find some cheaper ones as under armour is like £30 per sock or something stupid if they prove useful to me even being a athletic skinny lad ill invest in some underarmour /top brand ones
  5. No i think everyone gets it just under 11 stone legs from a sparrow and i seem to get enough of it.
  6. Do a search for "Precision Training Black Lycra Under Shorts" on E-bay if you have an account. They were selling for £8 a pair when I was purchasing them recently & were the cheapest quality "sports underwear" I could find at that time.
  7. i can't see how there would be a massive difference between them and a pair of tighties, other then small differences like material. they'll both be just as grotty after being put to use and keep mr johnson and friends firmly in their place.
  8. so your suggesting i wear some tights in basic, i guess a skirt would keep me cooler and a bra more storage area....

    and i don't like the idear of buying underwear online...a don't know wheres it been and you cant get a good look at it and size
  9. haha no mate you misunderstood or i stated it awkwardly. i mean as in tight boxers.
  10. oh yeah well i already have but i look like a male prostitute as the elastic waistband has EASY written onit...
    tight underwere is bad for your swimmers but i don't plan on having kids any time so oh well..
  11. I prefer Diesel Matix Trunk MATIX as a swimming underwear. If you wear your jeans lower than your underwear these will be an unbeatable addition to your wardrobe. It has solid coloured fabric body trunks with realistic belt print waistband.
  12. FFS, I turned up in Harrogate in '68 ,commando and odd socks, Was issued with 3 shorts(grollies) and 2 vests,label suggested they were made of weetabix,rubber buttons.Luxury! Years later replaced with shorts olive drab/green that used to show below your shorts PT. Made a man of me, you could spend a good hour peeling them of your bleeding thighs after a a good day out.
  13. Are the issue anti-microbial undershorts any good for field use in the UK and how do they fair in the sandpit