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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by st-kia, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Alright, so I've got basic training in like 3months from now and I'm currently unemployed (Recently finished a college course).

    So, my question is: would it be wise to get a job from a place like ASDA, Tesco's?

    If say I do get the job at like ASDA, it says it's permanent position, does that mean I wouldn't be able to join the Army would would I be able to quit the job on the spot? Of course not tell them I'm joining the army else they won't give me the job.

    I've just recently left school, joined college so haven't had any full-time work yet.
    Any advice, thanks?

    EDIT: I'm 17 by the way, nearly 18.
  2. What does your mum say??? Really mate, work where you want and give notice when your dates come in..simples, and try to aquire some basic common sense in the next 3 months.
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  3. Could you please man up. Look for jobs and be honest about your imminent start of service. And have a look in the mirror.
  4. Actually, i think its a sound question (ducks into bunker...), if the OP has just left college and never held a job before.

    If its a permanent position, there will be a notice period you are expected to work when you decide to quit. This might be a week, might be months. You would need to know this in order to be able to complete your notice before going on basic. Go for the interview anyway, it will be good experience and you dont have to accept the job if the terms dont suit.

    Another alternative is agency work, since you only need a bit of pocket money for the next few months. Find a recruitment agency that does short term contracts. This is what i used to do between terms at college, I worked for an agency called Prime Time, I packed spuds on nights, packed choccies, cleaned power stations. The jobs are generally naff and the pay isnt great, but to quit you just tell them your off! No notice period (the whole shift quit one night on the spuds!) Plenty of packing jobs available this time of year. Its work experience and a few quid in your sky-rocket ready for christmas

    Incidentally, if i were you, i'd go for an agency job with lots of manual handling (the spuds job I stacked 20kg sacks of murpheys on pallets) as this will all add to your phys, think of it as being paid to do a workout
  5. That says it all. Your Conditions of Employment will give a notice period, which could be as short as one week for junior positions. If you really have to leave quickly, speak to the boss and explain the situation, don't just walk out.
  6. As people have rightfully said above check when you accept the job how much notice you need to leave then put in your notice a few days/week for that date. i've known of a few applicants who have taken jobs then not given notice in time which meant they have had to been withdrawn from their start date. This is the ideal time to be getting a short term job during the silly season at Christmas....don't just walk out of a job without notice as you will fins it will bite you on the ARRSE.
  7. If my start date was in 3 months I'd just doss it on the dole, maybe do a bit of fitness after I'd gotten out of bed at noon.
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  8. It's Christmas soon. There will be plenty of short term contracts in retailers coming up. It may be shelf stacking, but it's cash in your pocket to tide you over, and most will end by mid January.
  9. Thanks guys!
    And I'm 17 mate, I left School and was in college practically the next day studying BTEC in sports so I think it's done pretty well.
    I've had part-time jobs with people I know locally and of course paper-round when in the early years of school, so I think I'm doing good.
    To also get this far in the application at 17, I was told that was pretty good, so sorry to tramper your overall expectations on me.

    But yeah, I don't want to go on the DOLE; sit at home, do nothing, be petty. Not what I wish to do in life.
    I was confused if a job could ruin my chances getting into basic, I mean, contracts etc.. as I've never actually had a job like this! Best place to ask, none-other, than the ARRSE community itself, get many inputs regarding this.
  10. The Post Office always seem to need more people this time of year to loose mail & to loose money & gifts sent in mail. They seem to take anyone on these days including the non-english speaking person & even chavs!!
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    True. But then again you get stalkers like me. Hi Sweet Pea.

    Right. Whatever you are applying for, you have a couple of months spare. So working for Tesco or on the picker line at your local waste transfer station (and if you are in the NE, PM me. I own one. We just cannot get the staff to pick things of value out of a conveyor piled with smelly shite) it indicates commitment. And the fact that you can get out of bed of a morning and do a shit job.

    I do not work in Army Recruitment, but that attitude would impress me.

    If you are shelf stacking with Tesco I doubt they will require a months notice. Be lucky.
  12. Will look into it.
    I'm pretty committed to what I do, being consistent is a huge part of applying for the Army, training and what not.

    And unfortunately I live no where near the NE.
    But a job is a job at the end of the day, this is just a temporary job prior to joining the Army and doing the basic training in Pirbright come 3months.
    So having a job is something to do over those 3months, earn a bit of money, get out and talk/meet new people. Nothing better then boosting your own self-confidence.

    Does anyone know of any websites that will help out? I've recently been looking through Gumptree but the majority of jobs there require personal and IT technicians etc.., things that I'm not qualified in; I've got decent GCSE's and a few out of school qualification earned at college.

    As far as ASDA goes, I've tried their online application process "Not successful", they emailed me regarding this and said they're not looking for anyone in the meantime.

    I'm yet to look into the post-office, will do tomorrow morning (It's closed now) - will look online aswell.

    Thanks a lot guys.
  13. Get to your local builders merchant and ask if they know of any forms needing cheap short term labour - it's what I did. Most will be happy to take on some one for a couple months. My temp job turned into a full time one for the past six months and I ended up on good money! Pushing barrows and carrying stuff is simple enough, good for your phys too.
  14. If you go for temporary/christmas work, let them know about your impending basic training. It could show them you are a motivated individual with a clear plan of your life, even though you have only just come out of education. You might even be able to get some wriggle room with your notice period.

    Just my opinion really. Good luck with it and your future training!
  15. Usually all company's have a probation period and within that period most company's don't ask for a notice. Usually a notice for just a sales assistant is 1 month so nothing stopping you just handing in notice in 2 months time if they do require some. If they do get arsy about it don't matter you won't see them again!

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