Basic training query

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No idea if this is the right place to put this, the UI on phone is defeadful for this site, always seem to get a mod moving or outright removing my posts, anyways....

Start basic in may.

Currently running 1.5miles in 12 mins
Running 5 miles in 44 mins

Pushups are solid sitting around 60 slow an controlled. 2min i max out the 44 i believe..

Pullups in the 15 rep range, again slow and controlled, situps ans core strength decent.

Issue here is the run. I work 12 hour shifts so i run everyother day working my way up to 6 miles using c210k and doing 1.5 miles on odd days.

How will this play out when i turn up to basic doing 12min 1.5 ? What can i do to fix this in 2 months ?

I heard fartlek is good, i habe no idea how to structure the workload to maximise gains..

Going Royal engineers if this helps.
Not open for further replies.

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