basic training please help?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by uk7867, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. im off to itc catterick soon, (infantry)

    1.just wondering how many coat hangers will be ideal to take with me? i need to take my trainers? i know u get provided with some,but do i still need them? often do u shave in basic training? (so i can work out how many blades i will need to take with me. do they shave every day?
  2. The standard Army recomendation is 4.

    Two for your arrse on day 3 (Trust me once you relax its quite nice!)

    One for your penis slit on day 10 (trust me its....well ive covered that)

    plus one spare, you may be tight.

    As for trainers you will be provided with the fnest pair of Asics going on arrival. Its in the Magna Carter.

    As for point 3, dont worry about shaving. The army moto is "If he's got stubble, hes ready for trouble" Let it grow so as to be one of "them".

    Hope this helps
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  3. Yeah.

    Real helpful. :roll:

    I would take about 10 coat hangers, not sure about the Infantry, but when I did my basic training, all our coat hangers had to be the same make sure they are all the same. Better to have too many than not will pick them up cheaper outside than you will at the NAAFI

    Probably worth taking trainers, although you will need to wear Army ones for PT.

    Shaving...depends how hairy you are really.

    Top Tip.
    Shave last thing at night. That way you wont have to queue up in the mornings at the sinks with the rest of your squad. Also if you cut yourself it gives you longer to sort it out than if you do it about an hour before morning inspection. Unless you are the sort of person who needs a shave 10 minutes after having one you should get away with it.

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