Basic Training - Pirbright July/August/September

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by britisharmy1, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Right guys,

    Myself and 'mcmahon76' are trying to gather a list of recruits on the ATR Pirbright intakes on July/August or September, get your names down here and email addresses and we can get our own ARRSE group together, maybe even meet up for a few pints and a banter before/after basic.

    Don't care if its junior entry/adult entry/male/female/shemale...(well...) let us all know, I understand ATCP is the HUB of all CMS SE recruits now, so there should be plenty of us, note down your estimated/confirmed date, name, age, sex, capbadge and whatever isnt giving away too much personal info or PM each other.

    I have been through basic before and am more than happy to give you advise and a headsup, yes there are many people passed out on ARRSE who have alot more experience than me in the army, however they may have done basic training many years ago I done it last year and the difference in the training regime may have changed alot since then.

    Thanks guys, and hope to hear from at least some of you soon. Glenn.
  2. This is not a good idea on an open Forum, if you must exchange email addresses do it by pm.You might not be in yet but PERSEC is still pertinent.

    edited to add: Nor is it a good idea to give your email address, joining dates, etc, to someone that you do not have a clue who they are. No matter who or what they claim to be on here. Want to make friends with people on your course, then do it when you join and you know they are who they say they are. The recent incident on here of a septic journalist who has been claiming to be a recruit proves the point.
  3. You mean that bit...
  4. Ok thanks for the heads-up everybody who posts here will now know to PM or just put their username down,

  5. 18th august atr pirbright
  6. 14th july ATR Pirbright, RLC Driver. :wink:
  7. Good stuff guys :wink: for the record im goin in end of july/start of august and in the AAC :p
  8. 14th July Pirbright, HCav

    Full of excitment and nerves for it
  9. My mate is in the HCAV says its feckin mint! wanted me to join it but im stickin to the AAC, good luck mate.
  10. Waiting for my date for selection so im hoping i get the date asap and start basic july/august going as RA,Light Gunner.
  11. 21st July, Pirbright, RMP
  12. BA1 I start on July 28th at Pirbright for the AAC. Are you the same?
  13. I just may well be yes mate, same capbadge same time :D nice to hear alot of different capbadges this time, usual its the same old RLC or infantry.... ill keep you posted when I get my date, Glenn.
  14. How soon after passing ADSC did you guys get your start dates for Phase 1?

    I passed last week (18th June), gave the ACIO a call the same day to say I'd passed and not heard anything since.

    Should I be getting worried? As you can see, I'm an impatient fecker, but eager :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.