basic training ( pen knife ???)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ga_is_ea, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. hi, on the kit list it says to bring a pen knife but also says not to bring any knifes and action will be taken if one is found, if anyone could enlighten me on the size i should buy and what it will be for, if you understand me....thanks in advance!
  2. no larger than a 3 inch blade

    best advice is to get a quite sturdy blade.

    should you find yourself sleeping under army issue canvas - a chunky bladed knife is needed incase youo need to make a rapid exit
  3. Go for a Normark or Gerber and as Bedpan says blade no longer than 3 inches and one that folds but has a lock on it!

    3 inches is what you hold in your hand when you pee doubled ok?
  4. what about a swiss army knife, would that be any good because im not too sure where to get a NOMARK or GERBER... thanks
  5. swiss army will do you fine
  6. just a quick note without a locking blade it is possible for the blade to slice into and through your fingers
  7. get a swiss army knife with a saw, for when you have to cut down trees to build huts, rafts, battering rams etc
  8. You forgot removing stones from horses hooves!

    Can rate gerber pretty well on a serious note
  9. You can cut your fingers with a lock-blade knife too!

    If you have your knife on a lanyard you are less likely to lose it.
  10. i lost mine in basic training on a "watermanship weekend". all 3 sections had to build rafts to get across a river. at the end, the instructors had us all float out into the middle of the river...

    ... and then it was last boat afloat wins. cue pirate-esque battle.

    i swam across to another raft with my swiss army knife between my teeth and sawed through their main rope with the saw. it came apart and i tried to swim off, knife between teeth again for safety :) at which point the sinking enemy took exception, and one of them twatted me on the head with an oar.

    cue me sinking under the surface, slightly dazed and minus knife. before one of my mates realised i wasn't coming back up again and pulled me to the shallows.

    jolly decent of him, i thought. bet H&S prevents soldiers hitting each other with oars, swimming with knives and half drowning these days.

    bloody nanny state :)
  11. theres something deeply satisisfying about the thought of you being tw@tted with an oar and nearly drowning, CR. strange.
  12. AS big as you can hide, try taping to your inside leg remfs fcuk off
  13. AS big as you can hide, try taping to your inside leg remfs fcuk off
  14. AS big as you can hide, try taping to your inside leg remfs fcuk off
  15. AS big as you can hide, try taping to your inside leg remfs fcuk off