Basic Training November 21st

Hi lads,

Just wondering if there are anyother lads here starting basic on November 21st and to pose a question.

I passed RSC last month, but came down with the flu shortly after. I've been doing what I can fitness wise, including swimming and circuits. I have also attempted some runs, but overall, I haven't been able to do much, especially nothing intense. I can feel my fitness has dropped significantly, so I'm quite concerned. Should I be, or will I be built up regardless? What happens if you are unable to meet the initial fitness tests at basic?

Cheers lads
best to turn up with a decent level of fitness and have a bench mark to improve on

you'll be beasted regardless of fitness levels
Yeh, I'm just worried how much fitness I have lost and how it will look when I get there.

Do you think there is any reason for me to be worried?

What happens if you are unable to meet the minimum standards in the first week? Silly question, as I don't think I've lost that much fitness, but I have lost a lot of muscle mass.
you'll be fine if u run under 12 minutes etc just take your time let your section commander know or yor platoon leader that you have been ill recently they'll understand the chances are that half your platoon will get soke sort of illness while your in training anyway a lot of people on this board will understand what I mean !
Well, I'm sure 8 min/mile pace is nothing really. Just a jog, so even if I somehow lost all my fitness, I can still make that :lol:

Still got the flu, so I'm still off training. Well, just doing what I can really, which is mainly upper body circuits. How fast do people in general lose fitness, or to be more precise, I have been training intense for 10-11 months. I did my RSC last month and got a 9:04 min 1.5 miler time (came in second). I got the flu shortly after that, which I think I caught off family and because I was training out in the cold and sweating like fukc. Do you think I could still make that 9:04 min time again, even though I haven't been able to run or train?

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