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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Fattilda, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Is there a difference between adsc medical and the one performed at basic training?
  2. Yes one your a civilian hoping to have a chance of getting past ADSC Selection then once passed medical fit still a civilian, the other your a civilian hoping to be passed fit then suddenly your a soldier.
  3. is there a difference in the medical examination or is it just to check you haven't sustained an injury since adsc
  4. Why what are you worried will be found out?
  5. Its a full medical but this time they will have your complete medical any mistruths, memory loss of previous medical history etc that you had during the application process will be spotted and MAY lead to medical discharge....also some applicants substain injuries, illnesses between ADSC and Start of basic that leaves them medical unsuitable.
  6. So basically to weed out liars
  7. I'm not worried bout anything just thought they had been through all this at adsc
  8. No its a full medical to ensure you are totally medical fit for the harsh training ahead....obviously INTEGRITY issues will also be confirmed. As long as you have been 100% honest then all is fine.
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  9. You can expect to have your balls groped by the Doctor, so just hope his hands are cold. It isn't like seeing a nurse to have some sperm removed, if you get an erection during examination you have to join the Navy instead.
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  10. You say they have complete medical documents on beginning of basic.. But at my ADSC medical they went back to some tiny bit of dry skin i had as a 5 month old baby! I thought that would be considered complete medical history? When the doc went through a list (quickly) of injuries i've had (ie any knee injuries, sprains etc) I just said no to everything. I've sprained my ankle before and had my fair share of bumps and bruises but i just said no as they never amounted to anything significant. I said no as i didn't want to be sent home cause i sprained my ankle a couple of years ago! I knew that medical was strict and i got not problems now. Will that come up when i goto basic and would i get deferred for saying no even though nothing was in medical records?
  11. Only the SMO and Med staff in Phase 1 training can answer that, no point speculating but read all the med and application forms that state if you give incorrect information through out the process you MAY render yourself liable to discharge. I'm known a number of Soldiers discharged within their first week or day of Basic training due to medical issues that were not noted during the application process.

  12. Ok thanks for the swift response
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