Basic training kit questions

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by D_Coll, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. hi all,

    Ive got a few questions about my basic training and the things i will need to take with me, by the way i will be training at Pirbirght.

    1. Ive heard i will need to take an iron however in the kit list list it doesnt mention it.

    2. Do i need to take any special shaving kit for when im doing field excerises or will my normal one be ok.

    3. Do i need to take wash power because i have conflicting kit lists one says i do the other doesnt.

  2. Take an iron for sure. Normal shaving kit is okay for the field, but if you can get hold of any compact shaving foam/oil you'll find it much better to put in your kit. As for washing powder, I'm not sure personally about Pirbright, but some ATRs have onsite laundry service so you won't need any. Otherwise you can buy it from the shops they have on camp.
  3. 1. take an iron, there will be some around the block and a few lads in your room will take them. if you have your own you dont have to wait to use one.

    2. normal shaving kit is fine, wet razor, plenty of blades

    3. take some hand wash powder. there is a laundry on camp but it takes too long to get it back to you sometimes, if you need kit in a hurry its easier to do it yourself
  4. Take hand wash powder or liquid
    I think most ATRs have a 24hr turn around laundry service
  5. there was a fire or something a while back! takes 3 days at the moment
  6. Thanks guys, thats helpped a lot.
  7. when are you off to Pirbright?
  8. In 2000, the washing would always come back still wet !! Not always the cleanest either. If you were on a tight schedule it could be a pain as you could wait up to an hour in the queue, some guy used a capt rankslide to jump the queue once but he got caught and had a stint in the guardroom.

    All other points well covered,

    Enjoy the place !!
  9. with the guy saying 2000 it was slow well i started when i was in in 2002 and it was slow then and it was either wet or just useless as it is now but better than nothingi guess!!

    take your own iron i went through about 3 when i was there but buy a decent one at least as i always seemed to drop mine im not to sure about the rest as things were always done for you when i mean the parade clothing and i dont mean they were done for you just mean its shorter and sweeter not any easier but any other things i did not mention not to mention to mention gimme a ring ok from your brother john okie doke¬¬¬¬ dont really ring me jst pm me
    and when i said things were done for you i didnt mean it they can i aint what so ever you goto fend for yourselves!! and get them lazy asses todo something 11
  10. Cornflakes, you are almost unintelligible.

    D-Coll. Take a decent steam iron. The more powerful and steamy the better. It will make your life very much easier as ironing with a cheap iron takes longer and does not give such good results.
  11. I am off to Pirbright on the 24th of March
  12. On the iron front, I used to use a dry iron and one of those water spraying bottles, personal preference but you can give it a try. You could just soak the crease and that would make plenty of steam. Personally ive never used starch and I dont think I ever would either.
  13. Same here mate. What Regt/job you going for?
  14. Take a BB gun as well, good for weapon lessons (save's time getting the real one's from the armoury)
  15. Helpful post there fella, fcukin Chopper