basic training kit list


i know you get a kit list but what sorts of things do i need to take to basic, i remember my bro when he ent he had to take stuff like needles and sewing kit and stuff any info wud be great thanx
Black and brown boot polish (KIWI), yellow dusters and a silvo duster (Wash them all before you get there), A tin of Brasso, Personal hygiene kit and a good!! reusable shaver non electric.

A sense of humour and a book.

Oh, two boot brushes, one 'on' brush and one 'off' brush.


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The best iron you can afford!


Is that the same as A GOOD IRON, from all the other kit list posts?
Double adapter as everyone will be trying to plug their iron into a single plug socket. Two sets of wash kit, one for your locker and a "real" useable one. Pictures of your bird in a state of undress to be strategically placed on the inside of your locker so that the Corporals have something to look at other than your kit! And porn mags, the unofficial currency of ATR's everywhere!


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A little basic first aid kit wouldn't go amiss; it should have zinc tape, plasters, ibuprofen cotton wool and a bottle of surgical spirit for your feet and any minor cuts needing cleaning....oh and a rope to bite when you use the surgical spirit.

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