Basic training in Pirbright on 14th Jan 2008


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I'm nervous too - its strange, cos I work long hours every week, and work out either before, after sometimes both, and at the weekends, but somehow don't feel prepared enough! How are you doing?

My fitness has been a problem since the start really, I failed my run twice at selection, it's really difficult to train at the moment, I'm confined to a treadmill during the week, which i suppose is better than nothing! I'm hoping that there will be some other older recruits as well! I dont want to be the only oldie there!
I'm stilling waiting on word from them but i hope its January or February.
Just had a quick look and it would appear that most pages are "under construction" so not of much use . . .
Thanks! I will look forward to that! :) As we wont actually start the CMSR til 3 weeks after we get to Pirbright does that mean that we wont get our long weekend until what would be our tenth week at the ATR? :?
Not sure Welshbird, I've been wondering the same stuff. From what I've heard, its all sports, but what that actually means I've no idea!
Hihi, I'll be at Pirbright 14th Jan. Good luck with training until then, wish I had a treadmill! I haven't been able to do anything for a week, damn the christmas season illnesses! :x
welshb1rd said:
Do you know anything about this extra 3 weeks training we have to do? I cant find any info anywhere about it
As i understand it. Its to bring you up to the right standard of fitness for phase 1 training.

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