Basic Training In 5 Days, But Got A Slight Injury? Need Help!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clarky742, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. i currently have a mild shin pain nothing major at all but would like someone to advise me and answer a few questions.

    its obviously to late to change my start date.

    so im gonna go through basic with this minor injury and get as far as possible.

    i run on it no bother at all just after i run i get a ache, i rested up for two weeks and massive improvement just aches a lil
    after a run nothing unbearable just more annoyning tbh.

    so the question is

    if the injury got to uncomfortable to carry on with or got worse and i was say to report it by 3-5th week would i get kicked out or put in sword company?

    what do you guys think or suggest! thankyou.
  2. just on the off chance this isn't another crap wind up......

    tell em on your medical when you arrive.
    Don't lie, don't hide anything even by omission.
    Don't listen to any **** on here who tries to tell you to lie.

    (oh and this isn't the right forum)
  3. if i tell em at the medical they wont defer me will they?

    no this isnt a wind up either sorry im new to the site didnt have a clue what to do lol
  4. Any chance you can get to a physio so you know what you have and how you can manage it ? Ie rest, ice compression - ibuprofen etc
  5. afraid not its not even major at all but i no its there yano.
  6. As said above report it immediately on your medical. Do not attempt to go through basic without reporting it. It will only waste your time and the Army's money, time and expertise if you drop out with it a few days/weeks in. A deferral is better than never making it because you failed due to injury.
  7. I've done a little bit of time within the Army Medical services, I've worked within training regiments, I won't go into it any further but you have been given sound advice. Take it, or leave it. Don't ******* question it.
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  8. Besides. I've never heard Genital Warts referred to as an injury before. Slacker.

    Just use the ointment and you'll be back up and at em in 6 - 12 months.