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Basic training in 4 days

Take a spare w.a.n.k sock, by the time you've been posted to your first unit - your current G/F will be history and you'll be needing that sock you packed with you.

On the bright side, you'll probably get posted to a garrison town, where all the fat ugly munters visit the local pub nightclub and think they are 500% better looking than they actually are - due to the fact that squaddies will bang anything that moves. You'll most likely have an average looking plain Jane girlfriend (from back home) in 5 years time, that has slight mental issues, then decide to leave the Army because you're bored out of your tits, and some lawyer wants to sue you because you upset a civvie while carrying out your job. You current G/F will be married to someone new, have a good job and will have started a family. Welcome to real life buddy!
You can have a funny but not sure who the mod is but....


War Hero
It’s possible that your relationship will survive. But by Christmas both of you will be different people than you are today, that’s just a fact. And those two people will have very little in common. And she will cheat on you during Freshers Week. If that’s going to bother you end it now, you don’t need the distraction. Good luck.

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