Basic training in 2 weeks:advice needed!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by matt_1234, May 10, 2006.

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  1. hi there, im 20 yrs old going into basic on may 29th in lichfield, just basically need some advice on how to make those 12 weeks fly by ie how not to end up as the hated one!!!!!, equipment, fitness etc etc, if you got any info it would be great, getting pretty nervous about it all now!!!!

    cheers lads

  2. be the "grey man", and take a sense of humour
  3. Remember nobody likes a smart arse,espeacially training screws ! So if you memorise this piece of information you should be ok !
  4. Learn how to iron clothes properly before you go. Shirts, trousers etc. Seriously, its quite surprising how inept most people are at this!
  5. Oh, and once again. Please just p**s off with the 'grey man' quotes. Its an annoying phrase latched onto by the McNab readership who can't say 'don't get yourself noticed'. Remember, it's training. Making yourself look like a loud mouthed tosser will filter through to your working unit if you pass training. Keeping quiet and being attentive will mean you start your career with a nice clean slate when you get your first posting.
  6. Don't be a whinging little prick and remember; YOU HAVE LEFT HOME, WE ARE YOUR FAMILY NOW and DON'T PHONE YOUR MUMMY WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH.

    You may take offence to the above but please don't. It's amazing how many of my recruits call their parents immediately post bollocking, giving them half a story about why they have been reprimanded leading to me getting snotty phone calls! :x :x The point I am trying to make is make sure you turn up not only with a sense of humour but a robust outlook too. Those possessed, you should be fine!!

    Oh! Take some imagination too, for the show parades you WILL get...inspecting them is boring and the Duty Officer will apprieciate a laugh! :lol:

    Good luck mate!
  7. Dont be afraid to ask questions, you're there to learn, you're not expected to already know it all. Be wary of the Combat & Survival reading ex ACF know-it-alls........they dont!

    Good luck
  8. I start on the 29th at Lichfield too. Gotta say, I am really crapping myself. Especially at the thought of 14 weeks without a drink, I have a week and a half left of drinking then I'm gonna get myself detoxed and ready to go. 14 weeks, thats not humane.

    See you there mate.
  9. yeah mate cya there, whats your name by the way i will look out for ya!, also i reckon we are going on the 30th cos its a bank holiday on the 29th!
  10. A dangerous assumption because the Army doesn't necessarily "do" Bank Holidays, as you will find out! Read the letter and follow the instructions! It isn't rocket science!

  11. Don't bank on it. If your Joining Instructions say 29th, you'de better be there then!!!
  12. well it says on the letter that i will go on the monday unless it is a bank holiday?
  13. Ring the number detailed at the top of the letter, ask for the person who signed the letter, and ask for clarification.

  14. alright matt? I jus PM'd ya, but as to the start date, I phoned the recruitment office as its a bank holiday, and they said we still start then. So I'll see ya monday mate!
  15. Watch out for the Roy Cropper lookalike from the Red Shield, he'll pretend to be your friend and ask you hows training going, and he'll turn an innocent comment made about how tough it is into a bullying incident by your instructors. He's a proper pooh stirrer and made no end of problems for our troop and NCO's who were only trying to do their job. His wife is no better, damn goody two shoe's happy clappy bible bashers!! Saying that, the Red Shields food is nice, better than the scoff house.