basic training duration

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggy, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. What is the shortest period of time possible to complete basic training, assuming there are no civve work commitments. :?
  2. As far as im aware its 3 weeks, 2 weeks at an atr and 1 week with the unit (this is usually done over 4 weekends i think) but there are 1 week fast track options. (well there was when i did it.)
  3. New system seems to be:

    3 X Weekends RTD....Recruit Training and Development ( ?)

    4 X Weekends Phase 1B

    2 Week Duration Phase 1C

    Then your local trade course.

    I think thats it.....
  4. Yher your probably right its a while since I was in the TA.
  5. can these weekends be done back to back, or do the t.a have some kind of schedule set out.
  6. we have a training programme set out mate ours is every 2 weeks where you are it might be diff
  7. You'll find that all the areas are now, or should be running on tht every 2nd week end routine, where abouts are you based, north or south of the border?
  8. Our Battalion is using "big week" (think thats what it's called) as a better alternative.

    About 95% of recruits got through it last September, a far better outcome than the usual RT weekends. I'm the only one left out of 40 from my RTs...

    Our platoon went from 3 trained soldiers to near fully-operational in just 2 weeks.
  9. I'm assuming(Spelling) that Land are okay with this practice, I'm under the impression that all training (soon to include TAFS1) is to be undertaken by your RTC.
  10. reply to FFBOX

    Im in the south east mate, i am joining as a specialist and i`m assuming my basic will be at grantham linconshire.

    The recruitment process seems to be taken ages, sent forms back in early november 06 and am eager to get training. what unit and trade are you in?
  11. What`s the big week all about soldier??? what unit & trade are you from?
  12. In my experience, its every two weeks, but Phase 1B has to be done in 8 weeks, if you miss a weekend you have to go back to the beginning.

    I think!
  13. Can you leave at any point during training, even at the very end, and even if you've been in before? (just a general query)
  14. this is not true mate you go to the training centre with the rest of the recruits from your sqn then just join the training recruits that started 2 weeks after you
  15. yes you can mate if its not for you put don't leave to soon it it a good go 8)