Basic Training, Consolidated Course for the TA

Hi people,
Im currently waiting for my dates to start Phase 1 Basic Training. I was wondering If any of you guys instead of spreading the training out did the consolidated 9 day course, and if so did you find this better ?
Would this then mean that I could become a trained soldier pretty much within the next 3 months?

Thanks for any advice guys really appreciate it.

Not sure what you mean

Phase 1 (slow version) consists of 6 weekends (9 for infantry) plus a 2 weeker at either Pirbright, Grantham or Catterick

There are consolidated courses but they are substantially longer than 9 days.
For Phase 1 there is the choice of the 6 weekends (totalling 12 days), or a 9 day consolidated course. Then you go on to do the 2 weeker. I don't know of anyone who has done the consolidated course, but it sounds like a good idea if you can get the time off work to do 9 days in a row rather than the weekends.
Never herd of the weekends being consolidated into 9 days before just the whole course on Shamrock challenge and the other ones that's out there, but they are all like 5-7 weeks.
Depends on the Brigade.

Spring Challenge is currently on in my local RTC, this is effectivly TSC(A) 6 weekends in a block, then you rejoin the slow track if you are Inf and complete the 3 Inf Weekends, before hitting CIC.

There are another two planned this year off the top of my head.
They're a load of shite. I've known a few people to do the consolidated version of phase one and they have all said it was a clusterfcuk. Its all about the quality of instructor that can get the time off work for something that won't qualify you for your camp.
There are a couple of consolidated courses. One you would have to do wknds 1 & 2 followed by 9 days for wknds 3-6. The other is a two week course covering wknds 2-9. So yes if you can get on one and get the time off work much quicker.
Cheers guys Ive made my mind up Im gonna do the consolidated course then get straight on with the 2 week course. Im self employed anyway and work will be a bit scarce for a month or two so probably the best choice.

Thankyou for your comments.

Cheers guys Ive made my mind up Im gonna do the consolidated course then get straight on with the 2 week course. Im self employed anyway and work will be a bit scarce for a month or two so probably the best choice.

Thankyou for your comments.

Sorry but these consolidated courses are only run every so often. You've just missed the spring challenge one run by 143 Bde. The next I'm aware of is in September (although, if any other arrsers out there know of any others being run before then, please pm me!)

This one consisted of 1 weekend, back during the week then off again for 9 days. They are finishing today so I'm waiting for feedback. I'll get their take on how it went then hopefully be able to report back.

If it works out that by doing the 6 weekends (or 9 depending on what cap badge you are) means you will finish before the next consolidated one starts then you might as well start your training on a 'normal' course, otherwise you'll be hanging around for a long time before you are able to do anything.

Talk it over with your recruiting team who should have given you the dates for the courses coming up so you can organise your business around when you will need to attend the weekends.
Cheers IrishDoris. I don't really want to be waiting around that long so Ill probably best speak to my corporal at my unit. if you could let me know how the training went that would be appreciated.

Im one of the instructors at 160 Bde - I can tell you that people who complete the consolidated course have a higher pass rate on Phase 2 than those that do the modular course , we are also finding the hybrid course (2 weekend followed by a weeks course) is also proving popular tho i dont have the stats for their pass rate. Any further questions feel free to ask and if I can help I will
My experience with seeing lads from our company go through it is that if you have the time, then the 2-weeker is a good idea. It prepares you better for Ph. 2.

HOWEVER - you need to be good to go on the 2-weeker (Saxon Challenge, Summer Challenge, whatever). Whereas on the weekends you can catch up on phys/weapons etc. on a Tuesday night if you're weaker there's no option for this on Challenge. If you're going to get RTU'd immediately for not being prepared then you're taking up a slot that a better man could fill. Not to put you off, but phys is the biggest reason for people getting binned.
very true the phase bravo is definitely more physical than the phase 1 this is confirmed by feedback we have had from recruits who have passed. The problem is at phase alpha we have limited time especially on the modular course to cover all the training objectives and whilst the PT will push you it we strongly recommend recruits do more during each weekend to help improve their fitness.
Cheers lads, Ive spoken to the corporal at my unit, there is a consolidated course coming up on I think the 8th of June. Im hoping that the first weekend i do before the consolidated course lands a bit earlier than that though I just can wait to get started.
who told you that!!!

I am doing 2 weekends (TSCA Part 1:1, TSCA Part 1:2) then 7 days (TSCA Part 2), then 2 weeks (TSCB). That was the only option - That's for a National TA unit.
All instructors are regulars as far as I know.

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