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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by wingy24, May 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm off to Lichfield in a few weeks. Can someone please tell me how many coat hangers I should take as I have information from different sources (all Army) that clash somewhat, one piece says take 8 hangers another says 8 hangers and 8 trouser hangers. One says, take no more than £20 cash another £50. Very odd???? If someone could enlighten me please?

    Also did any of you take everything that they have suggested or just the bare minimum? I don't want to look like a tw@ when I turn up with too much stuff. But I also don't want it to look like I haven't prepaired. Also, what type, and how big was the bag you took with you?

    One more thing, a squaddie told me recently to soak my feet in surgical spirit a week or so before I go, apparently to harden them up. Is this a good idea?

    By the way i'm off to Lichfield joining the RE as a Draughtsman.

    Thanks for any help. :)

  2. Ask your recruiter to give you joining instructions for the said ATR, all ATR's are different so just follow that one to the letter. Your best of taking £50 just in case but dont worry as you will have a pay parade on the Wed/ Thurs.

    Do nothing to your feet especially surgical spirits. PTI's will give you step up training to get used to running in boots.

    Be part of the team, dont be gobby and youll do fine

    Good luck
  3. take about 10 wooden hangers, youll get issued

    3 x 95 shirts
    2 x 95 jackets
    1 x jersey heavy wool
    2 x drill shirts
    2 x no2 shirts

    take at least 6 trouser hangers

    PS i turned up with absolutely everythin on the lists and didnt even use loads of it
  4. 1. Ok Chris did you go to ATR Lichfield????

    2. Will Wingy have the same PLT Sgt and PLT CPL as you had if you did go through Lichfield?

    3. Is going with the kit it says on the joining Instructions for the said ATR the right thing to do so you dont end up in trouble straight away?

    Well I can answer YES to the third one straight away from experience and also know that all ATR's have different JI's stating different numbers of kit ie coat hangers. So my advise is follow JI's for Lichfield to the letter and you wont go wrong.
  5. Thanks Chris, and you iron, I will follow the joining instructions they gave me for Lichfield and ignore the one they gave me prior to assetation.

    Nice one.

    Can't wait!

  6. Ill second that, follow the kitlist you get given to the letter! you dont want your Platoon/Troop staff thinking you're a smart arse before you even start training. I went to Winchester, but you should be able to get things like coat hangars from the NAAFI, but dont rely on this because if you're in a big intake all the most useful stuff will be sold out in about 24 hrs anyway. Unless you're a total chopper you'll make some good mates very quickly and help each other out with bits and bobs. I took 50 quid with me for the first week but had about 30 left by the time our first pay parade came round, theres only so much you can spend on haribo and jaffa cakes. As for the amount of baggage, a large suitcase and holdall did for me, Plus the suit I wore down there.

    Also get a decent iron, the ones they sell in the NAAFI are useless.

    Dont worry about your feet either just get as fit as possible or the first few weeks PT will be tough as fcuk.
  7. Ta, good advise me thinks.......

    Fitness wise I think i'm ok. I was doing timed 1.5 milers at 9.23 for selection. Got that down to 8.44 now plus i'm sure I can do better. I was thinking about taking it easy for the next couple of weeks and just doing light swimming, stretching and getting loads of sleep. What do you think?
    The last thing I want to do is get injured or nacor myself out before I even start. Plenty of time for that later!

    Thanks again
  8. its not as if they'll kick off at him for bringing extra hangers now is it?

    and no i never went through lichfield i was at the ITC, however my sisters boyf went through lichfield and he got issued the exact same kit as i did, 1157
  9. 1157? Whats that?
  10. OK Chris after serving over 19 years in this mans army and still serving if you came in to my platoon without the kit it says on your JI's you would be off to a bad start. After just finishing 30 months at an ACIO and visiting ATR Lichfield, Pirbright, ITC Catterick, ADC Bassingborn and AFC Harrogate and speaking to other SNCO's who are platoon Sgts they would agree. So my advice is do exctly what it says on the tin. ATR Lichfield JI's are generic and are for every PR who enters the gates. ITC JI's are individual to the infantry Div they are going to. When you have a locker inspection and dont have the correct kit in their expect a visit to the guardroom. Unfortunately I wont be there to conduct your show parade :twisted:
    What Div have you joined Chris?
  11. 8:44! You've got nothing to worry about fella. I was doing 10:16 on selection, got down to 9:00 by the start of phase 2 so it will improve. Im not a PTI so I cant give you advice on what you should do before you go, certainly dont overdo it! plus make the most of you family and mates for the next few weeks and have a good send-off night out. When you get there dont complain, dont argue, stay positive and remember everying that happens there is for a good reason and for your benefit.
  12. Spot on with buying a very good iron Gregg, it will be your most trusted item in training hope everything goes well for you all. :D

    1157 is all the military kit, uniform etc you get issued with keep it safe as there are sometimes thieves around. :twisted:
  13. i understand what you're saying, i never said dont bring whats on the list, just that most of the stuff i brought i never even used!
  14. I'll keep that in mind. And here was me thinking that us Army peeps are such an honest bunch. If someone nicks my kit and I catch em at it. Will I be allowed to chop their little thieving hands off? :x :evil: :evil: :x
  15. Unfortunatly not Wingy, take a dump in their freshly ironed bed instead.