basic training been brought forward

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ga_is_ea, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. hi i was told in december that i would start my training at catterick on

    11th March, but was phoned today by my recruiting officer and was told

    there was some vacances for 28th january :D so when he asked me if i

    would like to join then i certainly said yessss! jst wondering if anyone

    could help me with my personal training because as i thought i would

    be joining in march i have just been taking my training abit lightly, and

    as i join in 18 days i would be very greatfull if anyone could give me

    some ideas of how to help me train harder without injuring myself, cant

    wait to join, got feeling its gonna be a bit cold in the mornings tho lol but

    bring it on!! :D thanks in advance
  2. just do some running for about 40 minutes. do about 20 to 40 press ups a day. Don't worry too much about your fitness because they will help you with your fitness.
  3. Have you got a cycle? That's a good, quick way to build up both stamina, fitness and leg strength and the only downside is sore calf's and a sore backside for a week.
  5. Wait, you're looking forward to catterick? That's a first...

    Be a Sapper ;)
  6. you're not wrong their fella, fcukin howling up ere at the minute

    never stops rainin
  7. Don't worry about it. The biggest mistake is trying to get fit in two or three weeks. It just won't happen and you'll likely overtrain and leave yourself in rag to start basic training. Unless you are totally and utterly unfit you'll have no problems. The army realise that civvies joining up on day one of training aren't the fittest of blokes these days. Fitness is a gradual process that takes time to aquire. You won't be completing 6 mile runs or 8 mile tabs in your first week. Not even Para Regt recruits start off on that level. The Army will get you fit gradually. Don't worry.
  8. He'll be looking forward to getting home on leave after all the "Welcome to hell(es)" 1 liners if he comes to Helles Bks plus the fact it's a miserable looking place.
  9. What are the first few weeks of Para training like Fallschirmjager? Length of runs etc and will it have changed much since whenever you did it do you think?
  10. Wait till you get there and watch all the Trainee Guardsmen sniggering as your running around like mentalists and they're mincing about.
  11. my run time at the moment is 10.38 is that an ok time to be going with?
  12. Yes it is. Don't worry about basic training. The army will gradually get you fitter in a semi sensible manner.
  13. been today got my joining instructions and gotta quickly try and get all

    the stuff on the kit list now, really looking forward to it now...
  14. Good, that is the attitude to take. Just think of training as one big important game that every soldier has had to play when they first joined up. Its not hard, its just a case of doing exactly as your told to the best of your ability.

    Enjoy and all the best.
  15. hi everyone ive just started getting my stuff on the kit list, any advise on some usefull stuff to bring in the first aid kit, ive got all the essentials i.e asprin, water resistant plasters and stuff like that, any replys would be appretiated thanks...