Basic Training at Pirbright in May

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by junica, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Hello everyone

    I have just pass my selection on friday at pirbright and am now looking forward for my basic training in May can anyone tell me what basic training will be like.
  2. You'll love it- every weekend off, 50p for a pint of beer in the naafi, your own room with en-suite bathroom.
    Just yer typical basic training really! :muhaha:
  3. Three vital point's mate -

    1 - Apply yourself to every task asked of you.
    There will be many situations when you have to focus on what has happend/is happening/has to happen. Concentrate and don't get led astray.

    2 - Give 110%.
    Never give up, weakness is all in the mind. Fitness is a big one in the army so don't be hanging about at the back of squad run, if you are then show the instructers that your trying.

    3 - There is always somebody worse off than yourself. My favourite. There will be times when you are under pressure to do task's in the barrack's or in the field. Take a look around, you will feel better.

    Good Luck????????????????????
  4. probably the hardest course you will ever do!
    but it's only 14 weeks long!
    If you think you want to give up, take a deep breath and think of all those civvies that are earning minimum wage and still havin to fork out for rent food etc!!

    If nothing else just realise that basic training isn't the Army!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get through that then enjoy the Squaddie way of life!
  5. thanks for all your replies
  6. Just remember learn Reaction to enemy fire Before you get there.
    And ensure you were body armour at all times 8O
  7. just to add something to this post, im starting basic on 16th of april and i know im not as fit as i should be, but i was wondering how the army looks at it, do they look to see if you are trying Fn hard or whether u can do everything like a piece of pi ss.
    basically is it more of a mind over matter sort of thing, if you push yourself as hard as you can, you'll be ok?
    i hope i explained what i mean properly...
  8. No don't worry about the physical aspect of Basic at all. As long as you show that you are putting the effort in then everyone will be really happy with you. Here are my top tips:

    1. Pressups - grunt like a f*cker on every press up. This only works as long as you do it very loudly.

    2. Sit ups - do one then keep your eye on the PTI and only repeat the motion when he is looking at you.

    3. Runs - hang around towards the rear of the squad (do not come last!) and then save your energy for a holywood style finish with lots of head rolling, ugly face pulling and moaning every time you exhale. This works even better if you can get some white spittle to fleck across your face (it adds to the dramatics)

    4. Tabbing - Fall over very early into the Tab, but refuse all offers to get in the jack wagon then repeat as per above. Utter genius's manage to perfect the art of making themselves sick at strategic points along he route. Surrepticiously smacking your own nose to produce 'effort blood' will no doubt impress upon your DS the amount of effort you are actually putting in.

    Basic? - piece of pis* me ol' china!
  9. Also found that the old Rocky ending is good at the end of the PFT/CFT cross the line shouting ADDDDRIAN punching the sky, this cant fail to impress
  10. Do you get much free time at the weekend to see family etc?
  11. Stick to the middle ground - Dont be to good, don't be to bad...... the V good and the V bad get all the attention - stay grey.