Basic Training!! Argh!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by greengirl2006, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Can any one give me any useful advice?
  2. develop a sense of humour quickly.

    there was a huge thread done on this quite recently have a good search around it covered most things on the topic.
  3. When you arrive at the training establishment make friends with everyone no matter if they are black, yellow, pink or whatever.Help each other to settle in and sort your kit out. Do as you are told even if you think that it should not be done if the training staff tell you to do it.Keep your wits about you and notice everything that goes on. If you don't understand what is being taught then ask the training staff after all your life could depend on it sometime.Keep yourself clean and spotless at all times,iron your kit properly and keep those boots clean.Shave properly and be well-groomed.KEEP YOUR KIT SPOTLESSLY CLEAN AT ALL TIMES INCLUDING YOUR WEAPONS.
  4. Whatever training you're doing at the moment, try not to overdo it, the last thing you need is to turn up at your ATR with an injury.
    Also, dont panic, try your best to relax, getting too wound up can cause all sorts of negative psychological and physiological problems.
    Eat well, keep your fluid levels up and get plenty of sleep.
    Good luck and enjoy it.
  5. obviously greengirl2006 this shouldn't apply to you. unless you transfer to the RLC ;)
  6. Panic, panic a lot. :twisted:

    Think of the worst things you can possibly imagine happening to you. Then panic some more.

    Have nightmares, daymares, panic attacks and breathing difficulties. Do this now!!

    Right once you have that out of your system you can attend training in the right frame of mind.

    Then when you turn up on day one you will discover that the training staff are actually human (even if it doesn't seem like it at times) and they are not allowed to kill you (even if you might wish you were dead) and are only being mean and nasty for effect.

    Use ears and mouth in correct ratio (Listen at least twice as much as talk) and try to enjoy it.

    Good luck.
  7. Good luck and keep your sense of humour !!! You never know - you may actually enjoy it
  8. what camp are you intending to go to?
  9. Be the grey man. Or girl. Keep your mouth shut, your ears open, and just do what they tell you, when they tell you. The last thing you want to do is mark yourself out as a gobshite. Be prepared to be shouted at (face to face), which can be a shock, if you've just left school and your mum makes your breakfast for you still.

    The fitter you are going in the easier it will be.

    Take one day at a time. You will have days when you want to leave.

    And remember, basic is NOT the Army.

    Oh yeah, and keep your sense of humour. In years to come you'll look back on it, as the best time of your life. Sniff. Im getting all emotional.
  10. My brother has not long come out of ATR pirbright. Needless to say there are many tales of him having fights, phones calls to may dad at work at 4.30 in the morning saying he'd just come off duty.also the usual bitchty trashing of lockers.(I cant comment on the girls as they apparently kept away from the boys, for good reason.) However there were also the times when he bulled his mates boots while they ironed his shirt. He loved his basic training, moaning that he could of got his marksman badge? had the rifle not had grit in the trigger.
  11. My lad has just finished week 4 on his phase one, he keeps in contact through text messages, easier to pick up when either of us are around.

    At the mo he's on his way to Belgium for the weekend,

    The last words was he is loving it (prefers drill to pt :lol: ), knowing him, he means it, looks like he's found something he can do

    Not realy had any problems, one difficult one, who is now squaring himself away, but lookin good for him

    Stick with it :wink: