Basic training, a while ago..........

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by polar69, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. I was just reading the "What to bring on basic training" thread in the recruitment forum and it struck me that when I joined in 88 things were a bit different.

    The only out of the ordinary item I can rememeber packing was bungees, apart from that it was wash kit, coat hangers, dusters and boot polish.

    I also dont remember doing a whole lot of physical prep either, now this could either be because I was joining the paramilitary wing of the Salvation Army, or the RAF as we called it, or because people get a lot more info these days.

    Everything I took went in one suitcase, nowadays, well I think I would need a chap to carry all the clobber for me.
  2. Bungees weren't invented when I went to basic.......I can't remember (for various reasons) getting anything out of the ordinary.
  3. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You joined the RAF, you did have a chap to carry it all for you. ;-)

    1985 - Bungees, Coat hangers, Boot Kit, Dusters, Suit Jacket and shoes, Name tags to sew inside everything, 2 Padlocks (which I still Have), Letter writing set, Iron
  4. Ah yes, name tags, that was the other thing, or a "laundry marker"
  5. small philapeno so as to fit in suitcase, all washing ironing done for you, couple of bungees incase she tries to escape
  6. Got a rail warrant from Hull to Darlington, and a note that said 'bring toothbrush and change of underwear'.
  7. You must be well old if you were in training before rubber was invented. ;-)
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  8. My first thoughts....WTF is a housewife?

    ******* bungees!! they were for when you'd actually passed out
  9. Winter of 80fucking3.

    Boot polish, iron, small daysack, 2nr padlocks, the civvies I wearing at the time & sweet **** all else. Apart from the fear of the unknown.
  10. I seem to remember taking my last UB40 as well.
  11. 1972
    I received a kit list which told me to take washing & shaving kit plus civvies and some spending money (think it was £10, to last me until first pay parade) together with a rail warrant to Sutton Coldfield.
    Of the other stuff I needed, boot brushes, boot polish, starch, blanco, brasso and a sink plug came from the NAAFI and I got a clothes iron from the local Woolies. (It was a good iron, too. I paid about £3 for it and it lasted until the beginning of this year.)
  12. Early '60s. I was given 6/8d (.33p) ration money and a rail warrant. I was told to take nothing with me as everything would be was, though the cost of everything was deducted from our first pay! The civilian clothes I travelled in were parcelled up and sent home. Wasn't allowed out until I 'passed off the square' end of week 9 when we were allowed to 'walk out' in uniform (complete with white buff belt and best boots!) each saturday after midday. Didn't see my civilian clothes until I went on leave after 'passing out' somewhere around week 20!
  13. You were lucky no one gave me any money
  14. Nor I, although I did have my step-father cheering as the train departed Paragon Station. Git.
  15. Shirt Jacket and shoes. Rest you can buy in the naafi.