Basic training 7th October 2013

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  1. Hey any one els got adsc on 7th of October 2013, if u do let me know if ya do and ill find u on face book or somint
  2. Education Corps?
  3. Royal engineers I'm going in to mate you?
  4. Mr_Fingerz

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    Can someone break out the translation app please?
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  5. I've got mine for the 21st of October. For the royal engineers. Are you off to ATC pirbright?
  6. Hello mate and yer I am what do u want to do in royal engineers?
  7. Teach you basic English for a start, maybe?
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  8. There's a thread for this already, use the ATR Pirbright Chat or the ADSC jobby.
  9. Jesus fucking wept. Its a good job Bowman doesn't have a texting option..................
  10. Its just evolution. Of the language and communication methods, not necessarily the species.....
  11. Evolution? Quite the opposite I think.
  12. Sorry I am on my phone, that is why it slang.
  13. Not to worry. Everyones just teasing, we're mostly old on here ie over 30, so probably just don't understand the text speak -lol
  14. Haha! Fair enough
  15. Good luck with it, hope it goes well - you'll enjoy it I'm sure. We're all just jealous because we're too old to go back and do it all over again....