Basic training, 3rd of december

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by just_andy, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Hey just wondering who else is at pirbright on the 3rd of december for the start of basic training??
  2. 3rd december what a time to start basic. unlucky bud
  3. Pirbright? That wind really whistles around one's nether regions on the parade square.

    You have to break the ice on the water before you bathe in the morning!

    One bucket of coal per block per week.

    December? Coldest winter for years, say the forecasters.

    Good Luck!

  4. Rather you than me fella.

    Arctic warfare...
  5. Yeah ha ha, but i have been told i get to come home over christmas so its not as bad, wont keep me warm on the forest exercises though
  6. I will be there just before you Im going on the 15th this month. see you down there :)
  7. im 3rd december at lichfield.
    personally i prefer to be cold rather then hot so its not too bad!

    only a couple of months, bet it will go like lightning. cant wait!
  8. yeah me too, besides its easyer to warm up with a bit of running in the winter, than it is to cool down in the middle of summer
  9. still be bloody cold though. I cant wait ( nevous laugh )
  10. i hope they have warm showeres lol. last thing you want after a day in the freezong cold is an ice cold shower...............................vanishing testicles (shudders at the thought)
  11. oh i never thought oh that. (not the testicles part the cold showers). Another thing to look forward to. I heard that theyve got old accom and new accom and most of the new intakes just now are going into the new one.
  12. That should be ok then, atleast the acomidation is something to look forward to, even if you only get to spend a couple of hours sleaping in it
  13. something tells me theres probably about half a litre of hot water a day, so one lucky sod gets a luke warm shower, and everyone else plays find the testicles :p
  14. and ironing and puttin your locker back together after the locker monster has been at it. Fun and games. The old accom is apparently really S*** they say its that crampd in there that there isnt enough space to get a chair between 2 beds.
  15. they usualy have a locker between each bed so i am not shure just how tru that statement is, if you think about it, everyone has their own locker so they have to go somewhere