Basic Storemans Course (2 Weeks)

I'm down to do the Basic Storemans Course for 2 weeks when i can get loaded on to it.
What am i going to learn on it & does it include Unicom?
You'll spend the first week having a lobotomy and recovering in hospital. The second week is being taught to repeat all the old classics such as "Fúck off", "Stores are for storing. If they were for issuing kit they would be called 'Issues', now fúck off", "I've only got one of the item you need and can't give it to you as someone might need it" and the old favourite "fúck off!".
Just out of interest: if you are going to end your career stacking blankets and exchanging swamped maggots, how come you call yourself "Fltpilot"???
and the old favourite "fúck off!".
I genuinely "LOL"ed at that. The thing I find both incredible and amusing is that theres a "Basic" storemans course. Just how fecking inadequate must you be, to be incapable of tackling the "Advanced" Storemans cadre, its spine chilling "Blanket Drag" and lung bursting "Tea Run"?
If it's the one run at Bordon, be prepared to be bored,unless you like paperwork and by the way the true professional storeman does not say anything without an explanation, so it's not;
'**** off.'
'**** off, we're closed.'
Been there,done the course, 1033'd the tee-shirt.
Basic Course??? Not in my day sunshine ;)

I dont get it, we had the course at deepcut doing the "basic" storeman bit which all lads from other regiments were on, then went back to bordon for our 2 week part which made us "technical" storeman. I know this changed slightly when we became TSS.

So whats the crack now then?
Is the 2 week course the TA one?
The 5 week All-Arms Storemans Course seems to have a longer wait time to be loaded on to it?
No course date yet, just got asked if i would considor doing the 2 week course, would the 5 week course be better to do?
Oh and a just love giving out stores, the more i give out the less i have to count at the end of the month!!!!!

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