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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by francis666, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. Does anybody know what months basic traning starts in, and are there 4 or 3 intakes a year?

  2. Could you get any more vague?

    You might as well ask; Do things happen and if so when?
  3. Vague? right ok...

    In what months does basic start at pirbright, e.g. in may/spet/jan... just trying to plan ahead re my current job, in and out goings from my bank...

    And also, does pay go into your account at the end of the month after the first months training?

  4. Maybe someone in a careers office could answer such questions.
  5. Anyone other than someone in the TA please...
  6. I've no idea! :)
  7. I'm not TA, so...

    Maybe someone in a careers office could answer such questions.
  8. OK, I've still no idea. Try your ACIO whatever they're called this week.
  9. Yea, ok thanks...was just hoping for a quick answer if someone knew, it being a sunday.
  10. How far down the application route are you so far?
  11. As far as I was aware, there were intakes pretty much all the time. You will start when you are told your date. Surely the longest notice you have to give is a month anyway?
  12. Have selection coming up. So just trying to figure out in and outs from my bank, and when basic will start if i pass-maybe sneek in a holiday before.
  13. Once you pass selection you'll get a better idea of the wait you will have. (You'll have a chance to gauge how long your wait will be by seeing how the other selectees have got.)

    A lot of it depends on the current wait for the job you have selected, how well you do on the selection and the most annoying one of all; when and where your paperwork ends up. (There might be side issues of medical, security clearance and the like that may shove a spanner in the works but expect the unexpected.)

    What job you going for?
  14. Oh I do love locking intake dates/numbers threads!
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