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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by benjie22, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Hi there I’m off to ATR Bassingbourn in October for basic, had a look around the forums but couldn’t really see a lot about this? Basically I’ve heard mixed opinions on standing out? People have said don’t stand out at all and keep your head down, whereas others have said keep your head down but stand out in Phys because the training instructors love people who are good at phys? What’s people’s opinions?
  2. Being good at something doesn't mean trying to hide the fact but the last thing you should do is brag about it - you'll be cut down to size very quickly. Also, if you know all the answers, don't ask smart-arse questions to try and look good.

    Keep you're head down, work hard - both individually and for your team - and keep your mouth shut.

    It's very simple.
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  3. Seconded
  4. It's a hard call benje.

    The guy who got champion recruit in my platoon (depot para, 1976) was a total bone ****. He was basicly a jack loner and none of us understood what the staff saw in him. Yes he was fit, yes he was brighter than the average bear but he brought nothing to the platoon over all and he didn't make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

    And this is all with years of hindsite- I still haven't revised my opinion of him.

    To be honest I would suggest that you dont plan some kind of strategy- concentrate on passing the course and let the cards fall where they will.
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  5. Thanks for the quick reply, ill take note of what you've said :)
  6. Do your best, but be modest about it if you're really good at it.
  7. Again thank you for the quick reply :) ive been in those situation before and thought wow how as he got that etc.. And yeah i agree i think i should just let everything fall into place and keep my mouth shut :)
  8. Don't lie, don,t thieve, don't jack, abide by the core values (which you will be taught) and you will be fine.
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  9. If you're really, genuinely above average, you'll automatically stand out. Take a look at the obituaries on the MOD website for pointers as to the qualities that will make you stand out positively. Then do that, but without qualifying for an obit.
  10. Depends what you stand out in, gobby "Personalities" they can do without, helping out your mates and encouraging the rest of the Plt is acceptable.
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  11. Sound advice - it worked for me. Also worth bearing in mind that there will probably be some gobby tw*t who WILL annoy the DS and instructors by opening his trap at the wrong moment. If this results in everyone getting the flak he will need to have the error of his ways pointed out to him. If however the DS just jump all over him then sit back and enjoy the show, safe in the knowledge that while the DS are giving him a hard time you can relax a bit.

  12. Dont have a split personality and flip at the slightest thing,
    that kind of behaviour will get you noticed for the wrong reasons
  13. You still going in on the 30th mate?
  14. 2 ears & 1 mouth
    keep the 2 open & the i shut.
  15. Mouth shut, ears and eyes open, and after you have your kit sorted, give the less gifted a hand. It will be noticed.
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