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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kay44, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Heya,
    ive got my basic skills on mon, just wondering what sort of things will be on to give me time to have a little revise?
    If i can remember rightly, mean, mode, median and range is on a basics test?
    Mean= add them all up and divide by how many
    Mode= The most frequent
    Medean= Put them all in order and its the one in the middle
    Cant really remember range, is it highest take away the lowest?
    Ermm, really cant remember ratios and percentages and measurements, unless there really simple :/ i only did a test last year to get my grade to a c!! dear me lol! And i hate divisions unless there really basic lol!!
  2. honestly dont worry its basic skills not anything hard! honestly a didnt pay attention in school and passd the maths test with full marks! and the english 1s dead easy 2!
    dont feel u need to rush through it ether cos u get tones of time!
  3. yeah, i got a d at school, like 6years ago!! got it up to a C on a NVQ level 3 retail course, but we got time to got through the basics, maths is not really something that interests me so i dont take it in.
    I love my science though! wish there was some sort of genetics job in the army lol! im going to do mental health nurse though, like psychology too.
  4. Two thoroughly contradictory statements there. Without at least an A-level in maths it's difficult to go anywhere meaningful in the sciences, pure or applied; there's only so far you can go if you don't know the theory behind the buttons on your calculation or the formulae on Excel.

    If you want a more scientific or technical job, then teach yourself maths. It is not too hard to master the basics, despite the urban myths, and it opens doors.
  5. i have been going over some maths books, im really good at retaining info, i wasnt at school though, you know following the wrong crowds and all! My mental health thing im doing is ok cause i get a degree in it and dont need an A in maths.
  6. What jobs have to do the TST at selection? Or is it a must for everyone...??
  7. It's a piece of piss... I did it on Thursday..

    The hardest one was finding out the volume of a mug.

    Good job it gives you the formula below it!

    Volume = pi x radius(2) x height !! Oh, and then it tells you pi = 3.14!

    All you basically had to do was read the question properly and you have the answer!
  8. I think its tecnical jobs like the REME, Engineers etc.
  9. At degree level you can put in the extra work yourself and get by quite well without having a a-level in maths.

    Then again I had almost zero fun at uni because of that fact.