BASIC SKILLS TEST for all?? - MATHS/ENGLISH? Any info pls!!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by monkey_wench, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I am in the TA, RMP in the process of joining up. I have spoken to Herford ACIO today and I have passed my RG8 and must now go for my final interview and take a "basic skills test" I spoke to a civie there and she said It is a maths/english test. I have never heard of this before, only at ADSC for certain trades.

    I just spoke to online careers and they told me you have 45 questions in 60 minutes.

    A-D Grade questions (GCSE)

    Top mark is 60.

    For RMP, he said I have to get 60.... TOP MARKS!???

    I find this a little strange/worrying!

    Anyone in the know.....or done these tests please give me ANY info as I'm stressing out now!!
  2. I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but it may be worth confirming if it is 60/60 or he meant 60%.

    Just do your best :)

  3. I suggest you ask online careers again as I am 90% sure they are wrong.

    I gave you a link on the other thread. Have you looked at it yet?
  4. PM Sent
  5. I wouldn't worry about it we have a WO1 at MCM who clearly did not undertake any form of Math exam!
  6. Mmm, I wonder who that could be??? :)
  7. Thanks for response.

    SM - I have looked at the treads, thanks. I have also looked at the links and tried some tests. Very useful thanks! I got adult lvl2 in English and adult lvl1 in maths and I had been drinking!!

    I think I have been given completely the wrong info. How many people would achieve 60/60 marks in these areas, using grades A-D GCSE questions!!!

    I do fear the unknown and want to be totally prepared! :)

    whocares...I take it you kow me then!
  8. Hey,

    I think you have maybe confused the BARB test score with this 'basic skills test' score.

    The minimum BARB score requirement for RMP is 60.

    No way would any basic skills test require a 100% pass mark... I've never heard of this before though so i'm not putting cash down. Crazy if its true.

  9. I did not confuse it with the BARB. Completely understand that test and I have passed that one 12 months ago. I think you mean the online careers got confused. I had a PM from a recruiting source informing me that 60% is required to pass this test, so the online careers was talking absolute b***ocks as suggested! Really annoys me when they put these sort of people in recruiting for the British Army! I have dealt with some absolute choppers whilst in the process!...but in other instances, some are on the ball.
  10. The BARB test is a multi guess touch screen test, the maximum score is 80 and you must achieve a minimum of 60 to get into the RMP

    i know that nowadays you also need a few GCSE's to get in aswell. You do the basic skills tests during basic training if you do not hold the relevant GCSE's. You will also get an acredited certficate for these basic skills tests.
  11. No, It has recently changed. You now do the Basic skills test at AFCO/ACIO. I am booked in for mine on April 10th at 10am!

    Also, I am aware what the BARB is, read my last.

    GCSE for RMP grade C or above English/Maths.

    Thanks for the reply