BASIC SKILLS TEST for all?? - MATHS/ENGLISH? Any info pls!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by monkey_wench, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I am in the TA, in the process of joining up. I have spoken to Herford ACIO today and I have passed my RG8 and must now go for my final interview and take a "basic skills test" I spoke to a civie there and she said It is a maths/english test. I have never heard of this before, only at ADSC for certain trades.

    I just spoke to online careers and they told me you have 45 questions in 60 minutes.

    A-D Grade questions (GCSE)

    Top mark is 60.

    For my trade, he said I have to get 60.... TOP MARKS!???

    I find this a little strange/worrying!

    Anyone in the know (IRON)......or done these tests please give me ANY info as I'm stressing out now!!
  2. What trade are you going for?

    I'm in a similar situation to yourself, just handed in RG8 medical form and now look forward to the Lit/Maths test.
  3. Think of a word - four letters and ends in "eny."

    A ball game four letters again, and it begins with a 'T'.........
  4. ...and thats GCSE LVL??

  5. Well mine werent that easy. I cant rember the questions on the top of my head but its about GCSE level hard. So not the easyiest but achiveable.
    If you need top marks i would deff suggest revising quite a bit.
  6. Try this link HERE
  7. Your tests didn't leave a lasting impression did they? Bit like yourself.
  8. Well im sorry if im not trying to do perfect english. Dident expect to be talking to your majesty. How ever will i fogive myself. ****
  9. The basic entry standard on the "assessment" (its not a test!) is Entry Level 1, which equates to sadly enough, primary school level.

    As it stands with the top (not going as far as graduate or post graduate as it really is irrelevant).

    Level 2 --------- GCSE A-C equivalent
    Level 1 --------- GCSE D-G equivalent
    Entry Level 3 --------
    Entry level 2 ------- Mininum for all Arms (except Infantry)
    Entry level 1 ------- Mininum for Infantry only
  10. Do you have to do this for Infantry?
  11. Basic skills assessments are mandatory ;)

    Most offices tend to do the logical thing and conduct them after the BARB test, certainly before getting anywhere near an Interview, no point getting someone to sit it if they havent qualified on other parts of the process first ;)

    But similarly no point interviewing someone for a job only to find out they cant pass at Entry level 1 on the Basic skills either :)

    But its definitely a mandatory requirement, much the same as an assessment of your English (listening and speaking) is when its noted during the interview ;)
  12. Ive just passed a Basic maths and English test for my Bricklaying course so i think i will be ok,even though im shit at maths.
  13. I think the Guinness isn't helping, but I really can't think of a 4 lettered ball game starting with T!!!

    Thats my 60 minutes up and I am stuck on question 2. I need to hand my tapes and crown back, I bloody give up.