Basic Skills Maths/English

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by UpNorthFighter, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. I have my Basic Skills Maths/English test this Friday, any advice? I'm worried about the maths, I am dier at it. English I should be fine. What should I be learning, and the best ways to prepare :? (and yes I have looked through previous threads on this topic 8) )

    Also, they said my interview will be straight after, what should I expect and I'm sure I've read somewhere that I must wear lace up shoes? Is this correct? Thanks
  2. the lace up shoes are so you can hang yourself if you f,,it up..
  3. As you said, there is another thread on this - and there is comprehensive help and advice on that thread. So why start a new thread?

  4. just joking,, the armys desperate dont worry as long as you can write your name your in..
  5. Whats 1 + 1?
  6. Repeat ater me

    Is this log?:

    A - Heavy (maths question) Answer - Fcukin heavy!

    B - Light (English question) Answer - Excuse me Mr Bodysculpture PTI Sgt, my log appears frightfully light, may I please be allocated a heavier model.